Year End Health Report from Dr. Castro

Dr. Castro with some of the children at our home in Guatemala

By Dr. Castro-

Dr Castro examines one of the orphansIt is my pleasure to announce that we are doing great in the health department. Our children have been healthy, and we have had a wonderful time with them. Like every family we have had our share of colds and flus, but thank God we haven’t had any difficult sicknesses.

The one real hardship of this past year was losing Alex to complications from surgery. It was hard to see Alex go, and I will always remember him for his smile and his boisterous ways. He was always a special kid and I was deeply affected with his passing. To say that he will be missed is a big understatement, but we believe that he is in a better place now, playing in heaven with other special kids.

According to our health program, we have continued to give our special mothers the tools they need to take the best possible care of our kids. We are always striving for the best health care we can provide.

Here’s a quick update on the youngest children in our home:

DULCE, age 18 months. She came to us a premature baby who had been abandoned by her mother on the street. At the local hospital she was treated for pneumonia and bacterial diarrhea. Upon my initial health evaluation, I diagnosed these additional problems: minor but significant physical anomalies, seizures, and a general internal infection. Immediately a diagnostic and therapeutic plan was developed and carried out. Dulce still suffers from a congenital heart problem and has seen a pediatric cardiologist and cardiovascular surgeons to follow up. Besides that, she still faces challenges from delayed growth, reoccurring infections, and seizures. Please be praying with us for her healing.

Dr Castro working in his office at Dorie's PromiseVALENTINA, age 11 months. As a newborn, she had to be ventilated and was in pediatric intensive care because of neonatal pneumonia. A premature baby born at 36 to 37 weeks of gestation, she suffered from low birth weight, probably due to her mother’s malnutrition. She came to us with marks on her skin from physical abuse and abandonment. When she came to Dorie’s Promise, I set up a special nutritional and growth/development plan and made plans for a specialist to follow up with her. She is now doing very well, and we are hopeful that the problems with her prematurity are transient ones. As she continues to get the love and care she needs, Valentina is growing into a healthy little girl.

MARIO, age 18 months. Also a premature baby born at 36 weeks’ gestation, he suffered a low birth weight, low temperature control, and failure to thrive. He also had oral candida fungi, bacterial conjunctivitis, and bronchitis. For being so little, he had gone through a lot. He still has a growth delay, but we expect a good prognosis going forward. He will still be vulnerable to infections and other sicknesses for a while so we are keeping a close eye on him.

The future is looking bright, and we are always working to keep our young ones healthy and well. I’d like to thank you all for your contributions to keeping them safe and healthy. I hope I will be able to continue serving Dorie’s Promise. It’s a job that fills my heart with joy and satisfaction.

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