Understanding What Makes Our Special Mothers Special

Understanding What Makes Our Special Mothers Special

At 7 am, our Special Mothers workday begins and doesn’t end until the next day. In those 24 hours, a Special Mother invests all her mind and heart into taking care of the children in the home. Not only do they ensure the children are clean, dressed, and fed, but they also give the children all the love and affection they deserve. It’s quite a job.

Our Special Mothers are not just any women. They have a great ability to lead many children at once, but also to give each one the attention and care they individually need. It’s a job that requires not only a great reserve of energy but also a big heart. Moreover, many of them don’t see their work at Dorie’s Promise as just any job but rather as a reason for living, something that gives them purpose every morning when they wake up.

I go because they need me. I know they are waiting for me and that they need me, and that’s one of the most important things for me – my girls.” – Mama Diana

Despite all the exhaustion one could imagine this work entails, many Special Mothers express that nothing feels worse to them than when a child is sick. No sleepless nights, stress, or tiredness can match the concern they feel when one of their little ones is unwell. At that moment, they only wish with all their might for God to help the children get better.

When they get sick, it’s the hardest thing for oneself because you have to take on the role of mom, and it’s difficult not being able to change their health status. But it’s nice to see that when they recover, they feel that motherly warmth that helps them get better.” – Mama Angélica

Undoubtedly, being a Special Mother is a whirlwind of emotions. There are so many things that fill with them with joy and continued opportunities to learn. After all, most Special Mothers have cared for several groups of boys and girls of different ages, and with each group, the experience is unique. It’s not the same to take care of young playful children as it is to care for older, more independent teenagers. However, the role they assume as Special Mothers makes them deeply committed to ensuring the well-being of each one. And indeed, there’s never a stop to learning in a job like this!

Hearing their first ‘mama’ has impacted me greatly. I know it’s a very big role, there’s no manual for being a mother, but it’s very special to feel how I earn their love and genuine trust.” – Mama Pamela

But for many, one of the greatest roles Special Mothers have in children’s lives is to instruct them in faith. There is a plan that God has for all of us, and our Special Mothers know that God has a plan for each of the children they care for. That’s why they strive to sow a spiritual seed in the hearts of the children so they can have a relationship with God and be guided by Him.

This is not an easy task. In fact, many Special Mothers say that it’s rather the children who teach them about God’s goodness and unconditional love.

I am very motivated to be able to teach them about God’s love and how He is present every day in their lives.” – Mama Nohemi

If we shared all the reasons the Special Mothers at Dorie’s Promise deserve thanks, the list would be endless.

On this Mother’s Day, we want to extend our sincerest and deepest gratitude to them. No one can do the work they do. They are responsible for shaping our children for the present and the future which requires many sacrifices. In their humility, they see their sacrifices as small compared to all the love that fits in their hearts.

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