Isaias and Sofia Reunited with Family

Isaias and Sofia Reunited with Family

Each of our children has a unique story and our part within that story varies. No matter the length of time we share with them in our home, our mission remains constant—to provide the love, support, and guidance necessary for their utmost well-being.

For some of our children, their story includes reuniting with their biological family. Several weeks ago, Isaias and Sofia enjoyed the excitement of being reunited with their mother.

Joining Dorie’s Promise at an Early Age

Isaias and Sofía touched the hearts of our staff and many who visited our home. They joined us at very young ages; Sofía was 2 years old and Isaias was 3 years old. Also with them was their half-brother, Sebastian, who was only 2 months old. (Sebastian was reunited with his father’s family last year.) They were truly very special!

The Special Moms and the older children were fascinated by this group of siblings who started out quite shy but promptly found their place among our family at Dorie’s Promise.

Their progress while with us was astounding. Upon arrival, our medical staff identified conditions that required monitoring and treatment. Our goal was to minimize the long-term impact and help them thrive. During the last few years, their health improved dramatically, for which we are very happy.

All three children were happy and healthy at Dorie’s Promise.

Educational Success

In addition to medical care, both children were enrolled in educational programs to bring out their best.

As a way of offering individualized support, Isaias studied in our homeschool program. We discovered that he does best in a small class where he is less distracted and feels comfortable asking for help. Although he finds reading and writing challenging at times, Isaias often helped Elizabeth when she had trouble writing her name. He was such a sweetheart!

Sofia attended a local private school with several other children from our home. Although the curriculum was challenging, she maintained good grades with the help of her tutors. Undoubtedly, she is a very resilient and perceptive girl. Our staff called her the “inspector” of the home because she kept an eye out to make sure everything was in place and that not a single detail was missing.

Best Wishes Isaias and Sofia

We are very grateful for the opportunity to care for Isaias and Sofía during the last 6 years. We will never forget the day they arrived here; they were so little compared to now.

Dorie’s Promise is not just a home for children, but also a place where memories are created. What can we say about the 6 years Isaias and Sofia spent in the home? How do we recap every laugh, hug, tear, and memory?

Isaias and Sofía left a lasting mark on our children, Special Mothers, staff, and visitors. Sofia’s vibrant personality, toothy smile, and giggle are etched in our minds. Isaias’ shy ways that opened into warm hugs and sweet words stick with those he loved.

Isaias and Sofia, we love you and wish you all the best!

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