Selvyn: The Value of Mentorship

Selvyn: The Value of Mentorship

As many of our children near their teen years and young adulthood, successfully preparing them for adulthood is one of our highest priorities. Anxiousness and fear are natural for teenagers and young adults as they begin considering independence and life outside their family home. This concern is even greater for our children.

The Role of Mentors in Our Home

Fortunately, we have many people who care for, guide, and advise our children through these crucial times and milestones. One such person is Selvyn.

Although his official title is Business Administrator, his commitment goes far beyond his official duties. Selvyn sees himself as a mentor who accompanies the children, especially the older ones, and encourages their strengths in alignment with God’s teachings. One of his main goals is to guide the children by using biblical teachings as the foundation and drawing upon his personal experience.

Although they have faced difficulties and hardships, many of our children are no longer accustomed to life outside our home. Living at Dorie’s Promise is very different than many other scenarios in Guatemala. Selvyn has the crucial mission of helping them design their life plans in realistic and achievable ways.

Witnessing Success

This great task can be challenging and requires patience, but the effort is worthwhile.

For Selvyn, one of his most rewarding moments was when Brayan got his first job! Although Brayan has faced many academic challenges, Selvyn could see Brayan’s potential and was a constant source of encouragement.

For the last 2 years, Selvyn has met with Brayan regularly. They discussed his schoolwork, practiced conversational English, went shopping for more professional clothes, and talked about what it means to be a man of God. Selvyn helped Brayan prepare for his job interview, giving him a boost of confidence.

Having known Brayan since he was 4 years old, it was especially meaningful for Selvyn to achieve this important milestone in adulthood.

Throughout life, many people will focus on our shortcomings, but Selvyn aims to do the opposite by identifying and nurturing the strengths that can be developed. This is why he plays such an important role and bears a significant responsibility towards the children. Using his time and talents, he helps our children plan for their uniquely successful futures.

The work being done by Selvyn and others like him at Dorie’s Promise is invaluable. They are building a foundation for each child’s lifelong success. Seeing our children thrive and achieve their goals, like Brayan securing his first job, highlights the importance of mentorship. The dedication and patience required are significant, but the rewards, as Selvyn can attest, are immeasurable.

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