What I Saw in Guatemala


Bradley's 2016 trip to Dorie's Promise Guatemala

By Bradley Burck –

I was recently in Guatemala and spent a few days at Dorie’s Promise. As I toured the homes and saw all the improvements that have been made in recent years, I was reminded of how far we’ve come since Forever Changed International took over the orphanage.

Our children are doing better than I think I have ever seen. It is interesting to see them grow up. Gone are most of the high chairs. The homes are now split between boys and girls. Our children are growing up!

"I can tell you firsthand that special things are happening because of our work together!"One evening while I was there, Nayeli spoke to us about her plans for the future. She talked about how much she loved her family at Dorie’s Promise. I smiled when she talked about Bryan being just like a brother. I realized that we have not only taken care of the physical needs of the children there, but we’ve created a family between the children who care about each other and the special mothers who look out for them on a daily basis.

I loved walking through the homes and seeing the organization and the new furniture, beds, and painting. I’ve always said that our Dorie’s Promise home should be just like your home. That was totally evident during my visit.

As part of the leadership of Forever Changed, I want to give honor where honor is due. First — God is amazing. It is clear to me He has a plan for our children, and that He is intimately involved in each of their lives. He has provided for their care every day of their lives from the moment they were born through their time with us. To Him be all honor, glory, and praise!

Second — thank YOU for seeing the value of the children at Dorie’s Promise. Thank you for giving of your hard-earned money and time to make sure these children are given the best possible opportunity to succeed in life and grow spiritually. Without you, Forever Changed and our work at Dorie’s Promise would only be a dream.

Please continue to be involved. I can tell you firsthand that special things are happening because of our work together!

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