Welcoming 6 New Boys into Our Home

Welcoming 6 New Boys into Our Home

There remains a great need in Guatemala for homes like Dorie’s Promise and we truly believe God has called us to care for children who are separated from their families. In July and August, 6 little boys arrived at Dorie’s Promise.

First, three brothers named Jack, René, and Noé joined us. They were followed by baby Leo, the first little baby we’ve had in quite a while, and brothers Mario and Luis Alberto. They are all exceptional children, full of energy and excitement.

René, Jack, and Noé

René (7 years old), Jack (5 years old), and Noé (1 ½ years old), entered our home both enthusiastic and hesitant. They were excited to be in a beautiful house with delicious food and friends to play with. That excitement helped smooth their transition, but they are still struggling with drastic changes in their life, especially older brother René.

Although the brothers lived in extreme poverty, they are in good health. René’s big smile accompanies him most of the day. He is a very intelligent child with great potential, which is already being nurtured in our educational program. The middle brother, Jack, is the shyest of the three but also the most loving and affectionate with his special mothers. Little brother Noé at first appears afraid of strangers, but once he feels comfortable, he becomes a whirlwind. In fact, he is the most extroverted of the three and our teachers say he is exceptionally intelligent.

René is already working with our teachers. Jack and Noé will join our Montessori-style program soon.

Baby Leo

Baby Leo is absolute sweetness for anyone who sees him. He has big, round eyes that squint when he bursts into laughter. He has undoubtedly one of the most endearing laughs we’ve ever heard.

He is very curious when he encounters new colors and toys. Fortunately, he arrived at our home in excellent health with only a minor ear infection that has already been treated. He is already on the verge of learning to crawl! Having so many big “brothers” is helping him develop quickly. Recently, we started introducing him to new foods. At first, he seemed to dislike bananas, but now he picks them up with his little fingers to eat them.

Luis Esteban and Mario

Brothers Luis Esteban (6 years old) and Mario (2 years old) are no less remarkable. Both boys are very curious and active. Unfortunately, they have some health concerns and developmental delays. The boys are already receiving extra care to meet their immediate needs and start making progress developmentally.

Mario has had an easier time adapting to our home because he enjoys playing with others and participating in daily activities. Luis Esteban is a very protective big brother. He is always by his brother’s side, taking care of him and ensuring he is well.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to be part of René, Jack, Noé, Leo, Luis Esteban, and Mario’s lives. It is truly an honor to be trusted with their care.

When you partner with Forever Changed International, you give us the ability to say “yes” when we receive calls about children in need. We pray that René, Jack, Noé, Leo, Luis Esteban, and Mario will be forever changed during their time in our home. You can support René, Jack, Noé, Leo, Luis Esteban, and Mario by giving a special gift today or becoming a monthly sponsor.

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