Welcome Our Newest Baby to Dorie’s Promise

Welcome Our Newest Baby to Dorie’s Promise

At the beginning of June, we unexpectedly welcomed baby Ana Sofia into our home.

Under normal circumstances, when needs arise the court reaches out to orphanage directors to inquire about placements based on gender, age, and level of care required. (Read more in our post The Path Leading Children to Dories Promise) As you may know, over the last several years we’ve swapped most of our cribs for bunks beds to accommodate our growing children.

Ana Sofia’s story is different.

At the beginning of June, we unexpectedly welcomed baby Ana Sofia into our home.Unlike most of our children, Ana Sofia came to our home as an emergency placement. Without hesitation, our director welcomed the social services staff in and agreed to care for this beautiful baby girl. Although most of our placements are older children, we had an opening in our nursery, as if that space was waiting specifically for her. Our Special Mothers immediately welcomed this beautiful newborn.

Having another baby in our home brings a new kind of excitement that we sometimes miss.

Much of Ana Sofia’s story is still unknown to us. As the courts unravel her story and determine how best to provide for her care, our Special Mothers and staff are providing loving care and filling the gap in her young life. Please pray with us for Ana Sofia and her family. Our desire is to see Ana Sofia’s young mother receive the care and support she needs to heal and reunite with her daughter. When possible, we know preserving families is best.  

You can help Ana Sofia.

Ana Sophia at Dorie's PromiseEvery child who enters our home receives the same level of high-quality care, regardless of their court status or how long we anticipate caring for them. Ana Sofia’s needs are met by generous supporters like you. Her formula, diapers, and clothes are all provided through gifts to Dorie’s Promise. You can help us care for Ana Sofia today by giving a special gift towards Ana Sofia’s care, just write her name in the comments on the donation form.

Please join us as we pray for the health and well-being of Ana Sofia, her mother, and all those who may influence this little girl’s life. We will continue to love her until she can be reunited with family.

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