Week 1 – Report

Wow! What an amazing response. The children in our care are blessed to have such amazing friends surrounding them and taking care of them. Since we launched last week we’ve had more than a thousand people visit ForeverChangedInternational.org. Hundreds have signed up for email updates. Sponsors are coming to support the children. I’ve received so many calls and emails with questions about our work in Guatemala. What a blessing it is to talk with people, answer their questions, and dream with them about the work of Forever Changed International.

We still have one goal in front of us

To keep our home in Guatemala fully funded, we need everyone that has sponsored in the past to get online and sponsor through FOREVER CHANGED TODAY!

We’ve made GREAT progress transferring sponsorships so far but we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Don’t wait another second – we are counting on you to be able to continue to care for the children that we serve through this amazing ministry!

Forever Changed International is fully supported and run by a team of volunteers. I am not taking a salary from Forever Changed International because I have other employment. So as you give and talk with others – you can know that 100 percent of sponsor dollars go directly to the children in our care in Guatemala.

Please continue to pray for me, our team in Guatemala, and all the children there. We covet your prayers. I want to personally thank everyone that has helped spread the word about FOREVER CHANGED.

A quick note to families who have adopted. I will be setting up within the next several months a web page that will tell you how to mail or email correspondence to your child’s birth mother. Our home will always value the connection that so many of you have made with your child’s birth mother. We plan to continue to find ways to serve the many birth mothers that were a part of our ministry during the days adoptions were allowed. Please do not worry you will always have a way through our home to be able to stay connected if possible to your child’s birth mother.

Again, I know people still have questions about this change. If you do, I want to encourage you to call me at 360.335.3125 or email me. It may take me a little longer than I would like to get back to you since I am working full time elsewhere but I will get in touch with you should you have further questions.

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