We Survived the Volcano and Storm!

The last week has been full of surprises! We’ve all become very aware of the strength of nature and the impact it can have on people.

It all started last Thursday.  We were surprised to see black rain falling from the sky.  The black rain was a mixture of water and ash.  The Pacaya volcano that is outside Guatemala City erupted and spewed ash everywhere.  Many of the smaller towns close to the volcano experienced serious damage.

We were far enough away that all we experienced was ash falling.  This caused some problems with our homes and is requiring some serious cleaning.

After the eruption, we got more bad news about a terrible storm heading our direction.  It started raining on Friday and kept raining throughout Saturday.  Guatemala City is not built for this kind of rain.  Electricity throughout the city was intermittent.  The government broadcast warnings that we were to stay in our homes unless it was an emergency.

The rain finally stopped on Sunday morning.  The volcano and strong storm left a lot of chaos and destruction in many parts of Guatemala.  We’re praising God that Dorie’s Promise did not suffer too much.  We do have to clean and several of our staff members’ homes were impacted.

Please be in prayer for Ashely Williams and our special mother Luci.

The roof on Ashley’s house sprung a couple of leaks.

Luci is a widow.  We are all focused on her right now.  The back wall of her house is in risk of coming down.   It needs to be reinforced if she is to continue to live there.

If you would like to give a special gift to help with the cleaning and repair efforts, I know our team and all the children at Dorie’s Promise would be touched.

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