Urgent Prayer Request from Dorie’s Promise

Urgent Prayer Request from Dorie’s Promise

Your prayers and support for the staff and children at Dorie’s Promise are urgently needed. Despite adhering to strict protocols in our home, we are currently fighting confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Dorie’s Promise.

Given the seriousness of this message and your love for our children and staff, we understand you will have questions. To the best of our ability, we will share updates from Dorie’s Promise without compromising the privacy of any staff members or children.

As of October 21st, 2 staff members and 10 children have tested positive for the virus.

Thankfully, those staff members and children are only experiencing mild symptoms such as headaches and sore throats. Staff members with confirmed illnesses and those who were potentially exposed are quarantining in their personal residences. Children with confirmed illnesses and those who were potentially exposed are isolating separately from other children at Dorie’s Promise. 

Doc Castro and our director Alejandra are coordinating with local health officials and the pediatric department of our local hospital to care for our children and staff.

An update from Alejandra:

We really need everybody’s prayers.

All of our staff are doing everything they can to care for our children. Our Special Mothers will be staying on-site for a week at a time to control the potential spread of the virus. After school ends next week, our teachers will join that rotation as well to give the Special Mothers additional assistance.

As of today, no other staff or children are symptomatic. As an abundance of caution, we are working with local health officials to test our other children and staff.

Please pray for our children. Because their symptoms are only mild, the separation from others is much more difficult for them than the illness. We pray for a quick recovery and no new cases.

An update from Doc Castro:

Despite my feelings of disappointment and sadness as a physician, I understand that I must be strong and lead by example with optimism and hope. Although my worries about the illness entering our dear home have been realized, I know we are not alone. God is by our side, especially for our children. We have friends. Our Dorie’s Promise and Forever Changed International staff is strong, brave, and hardworking. Most importantly, our children are healthy.

I talk with our children and staff daily, provide guidelines for their care, and monitor symptoms for potential complications. We are on red alert, but we are prepared if the need for hospitalization arises.

Please pray for the children, the Specials Moms, maintenance and cleaning staff, drivers, our Director, and all Dorie’s Promise personnel. Our nurse and I very much need your prayers.

We will need your help and emergency funds to fight this virus. I hope our friends in the United States and Guatemala will continue supporting us during this time.

You can help Doc Castro and Alejandra fight COVID-19 at Dorie’s Promise. Give a special gift today on behalf of our children and staff. Then, invite a friend to do the same.

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