Treating the Conditions You Can and Cannot See

Treating the Conditions You Can and Cannot See

Running up and down the hill at Dorie’s Promise in the middle of a vigorous soccer game, you don’t notice any of the different conditions for most of our kids. When they’re playing at home or doing activities with visitors, they look like any other child. In many ways, the fact that you don’t notice any differences means they’re getting the care they need.

Treating the Conditions You Can and Cannot See by Dorie's Promise.

About one-fourth of the kids at Dorie’s Promise face medical, emotional, or psychological challenges and could be identified as Special Needs. For many of our children, their challenges are less severe but when coupled with traumatic backgrounds, even small challenges make life much more difficult.

Thankfully, Doc Castro has a keen eye, big heart, and decades of experience dedicated to serving children. Under his guidance, all of our kids receive individualized medical care that works in conjunction with their psychological care. Doc believes in giving kids a chance to live their healthiest lives—physically fit, emotionally strong, and mentally keen.

Each child’s healthiest life looks a little different. This week Doc’s sharing an update about 4 very special boys.

Josue and Manuel

Earlier this year we shared an update about Josue’s serious medical condition. Born with significant congenital urinary and intestinal tract anomalies, Doc has been working with specialists to give Josue the absolute best care and avoid permanent complications since he was an infant.

Unfortunately, even with the best care, Josue’s body is not responding well to his current treatments. Doc and the team of specialists are concerned that Josue’s bladder function is decreasing, putting him at risk for further kidney damage. Unless his bladder function improves soon, Josue will be facing a very complex surgery to permanently assist his bladder function.

Manuel also suffers from a similar condition. Unlike Josue, Manuel spent many years of his early childhood elsewhere and the consistency of his medical care is unclear. Thankfully, over the last 2 years, Doc and his colleagues have found treatments to help alleviate many of Manuel’s problems. He is responding well to treatment and Doc is hopeful Manuel’s next procedure will restore normal bladder function.

Please keep both Josue and Manuel in your prayers as they face major medical issues and surgeries in the near future. We’re especially concerned about the boys’ emotional health. No child likes to be sick or to be different than other kids.


Have you ever met someone with the “gene of happiness?” That’s how Doc describes Efrain and anyone who has visited Dorie’s Promise will immediately understand. Despite being confined to a wheelchair due to cerebral paralysis, being nearly blind, and having with limited communication abilities, Efrain is one of the most joyful children in our home. He reminds us every day that joy is not a product of our abilities. Instead, it’s a reflection of who we are.

Although neither his condition nor diagnoses have changed recently, Doc is always searching for ways to improve Efrain’s quality of life and maximize his development potential. Please continue to pray for Efrain, the Special Mothers who care specifically for him each day, and Doc as he refines Efrain’s care and physiotherapy.


Seeing children who have been abused and neglected never gets easier. Santiago came to Dorie’s Promise a few months ago very sick and scared. Only 2 years old, he suffered severe abuse and neglect. Immediately, Doc started treating Santiago for severe malnutrition, multiple infections, parasites, and wounds.

During his evaluation, Doc consulted colleagues at a local teaching hospital to determine the best course of treatment for Santiago. Due to his extreme malnutrition, weakness, and injuries, the team chose inpatient treatment at the teaching hospital followed by a stay at a nutritional recuperation center as his best course for recovery. We’re happy to report that after several weeks of inpatient treatment, Santiago returned to Dorie’s Promise a much healthier little boy. Doc is encouraged by his progress so far.

Please pray for Santiago’s continued improvement and emotional healing. He is a very scared little boy who has endured unspeakable trauma. We’re praying for wisdom as our staff shows him love, helps him feel safe, and eventually guides him toward healing.

If you would like to help our boys, consider becoming a monthly sponsor for Josue, Manuel, or Efrain. (Santiago’s court proceedings are pending and we will update his status in future stories.)

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