Thriving After Leaving Dorie’s Promise

By Ken Walker-

The mothers of two children who left Dorie’s Promise last spring say they are thriving in their new surroundings, adapting to their extended families, and starting preschool this fall.

After a gradual transition to his new home and a different language, Evan Alejandro Anderson started preschool this week in the system where his mother, Laura, works as an occupational therapist.

Laura and her husband, Scott, waited three years before their first child finally arrived in Rochester Hills, Michigan last April.

However, Laura says the delay proved to be worth it. Traveling to Guatemala 14 times to see Alejandro, they got to know the staff and appreciate the role they played in starting him toward a fulfilling life.

“It’s an absolute miracle,” she says of their son’s long-awaited arrival. “We always knew God would come through.”

Paul Kvinta and his wife, Becky Kurtz, are also full of joy after waiting for more than three years before Nubia Marcela arrived at their home in Washington, D.C. last May.

“Marcela is loving life in the big city,” says Becky, who works for the federal government.

“Among her favorite things are the elephants at the zoo, the butterflies and dinosaurs in the National History Museum, and the carousel on the National Mall.”

Like Alejandro, Marcela will attend preschool this fall after a fun-filled summer. In recent months the Kurtzes have visited playgrounds, swimming pools and the beach. On visits to North Carolina and Texas, Marcela met all of her aunts, uncles and cousins.

“She really treasures spending time with her extended family,” Becky says. “They all warmly welcomed her.”

Laura is especially pleased with the way her large extended family has welcomed Alejandro, and the way she believes his story will shine a light on God.

“They felt like they knew him through pictures and videos, but to meet him and play with him is huge,” Laura says. “People have said, ‘To see you remain faithful for so long has touched me.’

“I’m so thankful for the Special Mothers at Dorie’s Promise,” Laura adds. “I knew he was loved, hugged, fed and allowed to grow. To watch him flourish now is amazing. He knows how to spell his name, where he lives and wants to know everything.”

Becky has similar feelings, saying because of the wait, they feel more connected to people at the home and other places in Guatemala.

“Marcela is a wonderful little girl,” she says. “The best part is just all being together. We both love it when she crawls into our bed in the morning, puts her arms both of our necks and proclaims, ‘la familia!’ It’s hard to beat that joyful expression of belonging and love.”

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