The Privilege of Raising Strong Young Women: Flor

The Privilege of Raising Strong Young Women: Flor

Just over two years ago, Flor and her brother came to Dorie’s Promise. We’ve been impressed repeatedly since then by her strength, poise, and intelligence. Flor is a young woman who will definitely make an impact on the world.

Flor ready for Ana's Quinceañera party.

Flor and Mateo’s story is slightly different than the others in our home. Prior to joining us, a Guatemalan family had begun the process to adopt the siblings. Unfortunately, the couple wasn’t able to finalize the adoption. That’s where Dorie’s Promise enters their story. Luckily, we had openings for both siblings. Although their dream of finding a family hasn’t been fulfilled yet, we can make sure they stay together in our home. We didn’t realize how blessed we would be before they joined us.

From the moment she arrived, we knew Flor was an amazing young woman. She’s smart, poised, and quick-witted, the kind of child that’s a joy to be around.

Although the disappointment of not being adopted has definitely affected Flor, she hasn’t stopped dreaming or working hard. Part of her transition was made easier because she’s so smart. Whereby other kids struggle with school and are often behind in classes, Flor was definitely ahead. She’s a math whiz and knew a little bit of English already. It wasn’t long before we moved her into the private school with our children because she needed to be challenged. Consistently, she’s one of the best students in her class, even though she hates studying.

Big Dreams

She’ll need her strength and dedication in the future because she has big dreams.

Helping people is important to Flor. She’s relied on the kindness of others for a long time and those experiences gave her an appreciation for people who really care. One of the people who has influenced her the most is her doctor. His kindness and concern for her showed the impact someone can have on others just by doing their job in a loving way. Flor hopes to one day become a doctor so she can have the same impact and help people.

Even more importantly, she dreams of being adopted with her brother and eventually having a family of her own. We’re praying her dream comes true.

Flor is fun and loving, a joy to those around her. She brings quiet ease to our home. Although she isn’t the first child you hear or see in a room, she’s the one who will join in deep conversations and make lasting connections with those closest to her. Close friends and family are the most important thing in Flor’s life. Even though they’re both older, Flor watches over her brother and is fiercely determined to never be separated from him.

We are so proud of the strong young woman Flor is being. Her smile, presence, and quiet demeanor has changed the tone in our home. By being her true self, she’s showing our younger girls how to dream big and not lose hope when things don’t work out as planned. There’s no doubt she will do something great with her life. We can’t wait to see what that is.

Although we pray her dream of being united with a family comes true, we’re thankful for the time we have with her in our home.

If you’d like to help Flor or one of our other children fulfill their dreams, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor.

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