The Privilege of Raising Confident Young Men: Mateo

The Privilege of Raising Confident Young Men: Mateo

As our children grow older, we’re keenly aware that we’re preparing them to become confident, independent adults.

Guatemala needs confident men who will fight for the rights and dignity of everyone, especially women and those who struggle.

A Leader in the Making

Mateo play with one of the younger boys at Dorie's Promise.

Mateo exemplifies these traits and is a leader within our home. Although he’s only lived with us for two short years, Mateo has quickly filled the roll of leader and friend.

From the beginning, we’ve known Mateo was special. He’s incredibly intelligent, funny, respectful, and helpful. Quite simply, he’s a pleasure to be around.

Unlike most of our other children, Mateo and his older sister Flor came to Dorie’s Promise after their potential Guatemalan adoption was not completed. Even in the midst of his disappointment and anger, Mateo’s character shone through. Luckily, he already knew a few kids here and made friends quickly. Even so, being so close to your dream without achieving it is hard.

Mateo and Flor still dream of the day when they’ll have a family.

When people meet Mateo, they’re impressed by his kindness, quick wit, and intelligence. Although he enjoys hanging out with the older boys, he’s also very patient and kind to the littler boys as well. His teachers tell us he’s always respectful, prepared, and dependable. Although he’s not sure which yet, he’d like to either be a professional soccer player or an architect when he grows up.

Planning for the Future

Mateo at Dorie's Promise dreaming (and planning) for his future.

Either way, Mateo is planning now for his future. His favorite class at school is computer science, which will help him immensely if he becomes an architect. He can also use his love of working on projects, building things, and drawing as well. Plus, he’s working hard in his classes now so he can be ready for college.

Even if he doesn’t become a professional soccer player, Mateo’s favorite sport is soccer. He loves playing with his friends and at home, and looks forward to soccer camp during school breaks. Soccer gives him a chance to be outside, run, and be with his friends.

Most importantly, Mateo wants to go to school, get a good education, and have a good job when he grows up. He credits one of our Special Mothers with inspiring him the most as he watched her fight cancer and return to work with the same passion she had before. We believe Mateo will be an amazing young man and have a great influence on everyone around him. You can help Mateo continue pursuing his dreams by becoming a monthly sponsor.

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