The New Vehicles Are Great Blessings!

Thank YOu donors for helping us buy new vehicles!

Ingrid, Silvia and Brayan check out the new van.For us at Dorie’s Promise, the safety of our children, along with their happiness and health, is one of the most important needs we meet. Every day we need to transport them to the school, appointments, or different outings, and it feels really good to know that the vehicles in which they are transported are nice, safe, and comfortable.

When we first talked with Heather about the need to upgrade the vehicles to carry our children and to transport the mission teams, we thought it was going to be a long-term goal. It was truly a surprise and a blessing to see how many people wanted to donate and help us reach that goal — in just a few months, we had enough funds to start looking for the best options.

“Buying new cars for Dorie’s Promise was seen as a challenge, but we trusted in God to make it happen,” says Alej, the director of Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.

When we knew the fundraising was complete, the first thing that came to mind was, “This is a miracle, a gift from God, a dream come true!” God provided for us! What a lesson for all of us working for Forever Changed International and for the children at our home.

The process was exciting: we got quotes in several places, thanks to the Internet, to find the best price, while comparing the options for quality, safety, and security — all very important factors when you decide to purchase a vehicle.

The new van is already hard at work transporting our children.Seeing the happiness in the children’s faces when they got into the new vehicles the first time is beyond comparison. They were really excited — everybody wanted to get in at the same time. They are pleased that they won’t be riding in the old cars to school and on outings. The new vehicles feel so comfortable — and they have air-conditioning!

One of the children, Jennifer, told us, “I am happy with the new cars; we will no longer feel hot because it is air-conditioned, and we are very comfortable without it being such a tight fit for us all.”

We can now feel proud to give our children and visiting missionaries good, safe transportation in a comfortable ride.

We are so blessed to know that many people believe in what we do every day at Dorie’s Promise — even being so far away, they take care of our children by helping us give them the best!

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