The More, the Merrier – Celebrating Siblings at Dorie’s Promise

The More, the Merrier – Celebrating Siblings at Dorie’s Promise

When we share about our children and staff at Dorie’s Promise, we tell stories about our family. Quite often, our big family becomes a place of respite and healing for sibling groups. For us, the more, the merrier—let’s celebrate the siblings within our home.

Aron, Daniela, and Ailyn

If you visited our home in 2019, you probably met these siblings. Aron is quiet, but his younger sisters definitely are not. They are part of a constant stream of funny photos sent from our staff. While we await the next steps in their court case, these siblings are foster children in our home. Watch for more updates and photos online to connect with Aron, Daniela, and Ailyn.

Jimena and Elizabeth

We’ve had our fair share of spunky little girls, but these 2 might be the all-time winners. For the last 4 years, Jimena has been keeping us on our toes and belly-laughing. Although Elizabeth was just a toddler when joined us, she’s grown into her own set of antics to keep us laughing. (Try finding just one good picture of her without a silly face, I dare you.) These two make our home a lot more fun. In the next few months, both Jimena and Elizabeth will join our sponsorship program. Watch our posts for more information.

Isaias, Sofia, and Sebastian

Smiles and laughter—those are the things you’ll remember about these kiddos. Three years ago, we welcomed these siblings into our home. Sebastian was only a few months old. Sofia and Isaias were both toddlers at the time. Now, Isaias and Sofia are both participating in school online through our local school and Sebastian is enjoying preschool at home as well. They have each other and a built-in group of friends their age. Although they are still considered foster children while their case progresses, we’ll keep sharing fun stories to help you stay connected.

Flor and Matteo

Four years ago, we welcomed these two amazing children into our home. Quite simply, they are brilliant minds and effortless leaders. Both Flor and Matteo excel in school, sharing an eagerness to learn and high expectations for themselves. As two of our older children, these teens have quickly grown into their roles as older siblings to the younger ones at Dorie’s Promise. We’re so proud of them. You can stay connected with Flor and Matteo by becoming monthly sponsors.

Yohana, Alex, and Elvis

Quite a bit has changed in the six years that Yohana, Alex, and Elvis have lived with us. The smiley toddler and young children who first joined us are now in school full-time. Yohana is maturing into a confident young woman with a huge heart for others. Most notably, their connection with each other remains unbreakably strong. Although their family court case continues to be reviewed, the next steps are critical in determining a direction for their future. We ask that you pray for wisdom within the courts and action for those involved in the case. We want the best for them. If you’d like to connect more, Yohana, Alex, and Elvis are all part of our sponsorship program as well.

Merari and Yire

Funny and smart—it’s a great combination of traits that each of these siblings owns. Merari and Yire’s stories are slightly different than most of our other siblings. Yire joined us when he was only a few months old. His older sister Merari joined us and subsequently met him, 5 years later. They may have missed out on the first few years together, but their reunion was extra sweet. We’ve enjoyed watching them build a connection with each other. It’s easy to see how much they love each other and how alike they are. Both Merari and Yire are part of our sponsorship program. Please consider supporting them.

Aracely, Ana, Maria, and Abraham

The Najera siblings have been with us for a decade. We have vivid memories of the day they arrived—Aracely carrying her baby brother Abraham, toddlers Maria and Ana sticking close to her side. Watching them grow and change has been a gift for our staff. We’ve had the privilege of seeing them mature and become young adults. We’re excited for Aracely as she nears graduation and will choose the next step in her life. As Aracely leads the way, her younger siblings are watching and forging their way forward. We’re extremely thankful for the time we’ve had to pour into these children. Your support through monthly sponsorship has given them a home for the last decade.

Monica, Ulices, and Marcos

For some children, our home is the safe place they need after experiencing a great loss. Such is the story for Monica, Ulices, and Marcos. After the untimely death of their mother, the siblings needed a place to call home and people to help them grieve. We’re glad to have been the place they landed. Although the death of their mother profoundly altered their young lives, we’ve seen them heal and rediscover the amazing traits God created in them. Monica is sweet. Ulices is loving. Marcos is fun-loving. By becoming a monthly sponsor, you allow them to create a life that honors their strength, determination, and commitment to each other.

Omar and Emanuel

Three years ago, Omar and Emanuel joined our home. If there’s one thing you will remember about Omar, it’s his smile. He’s outgoing and fun. Along with his younger brother, Omar and Emanuel quickly fit in with the other boys in our home. They love video games, Legos, and soccer. Three years may seem like a long time for them to be classified as foster children in our home, but the reality of their case and the delays due to the pandemic have kept them in limbo. We love to share highlights of the boys with you. Please pray with us about the boys’ future court appointments as we seek answers to their questions about their future. In the meantime, watch for fun pictures and notes on our social media.


Your support means the world to us. You are helping these siblings remain connected. Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor today.

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