The Dorie’s Promise Redemptive Story: Transforming Lives at Dorie’s Promise

The Dorie’s Promise Redemptive Story: Transforming Lives at Dorie’s Promise

Two decades of work in Guatemala has taught us the complexity of orphan care and family preservation. Seeing the immediate and real needs of young women and children in 2000 brought us to Guatemala, but understanding the many social realities of orphan care kept us here and expanded our work. Through our continued work and presence, we foster opportunities for the redemption of precious lives throughout Guatemala.

The Dorie’s Promise Redemptive Story is three-fold: Preserve families on the brink of crisis. Care for orphaned and abandoned children residing in orphanages. Transform the lives of children living at Dorie’s Promise.

This is the fourth post in our Dorie’s Promise Redemptive Story series:

Transforming Lives at Dorie’s Promise.

We do our best work at Dorie’s Promise.People learn about Dorie’s Promise through a variety of ways, but the most common is definitely visiting our home. Experiencing the way we care for children and our communities is the best way to understand what we believe and the reason we work so hard.

We do our best work at Dorie’s Promise. Although the projects we do in communities and other orphanages is helpful and worthwhile, our staff invests their best into our children every day.

By engaging with families on the brink of crisis in both rural and urban communities, we play a small part in slowing the orphan crisis in Guatemala. Visiting other orphanages brings relief and caring to both children and staff members, but our influence is limited.

Our transformative work occurs at Dorie’s Promise, where we have both time and resources dedicated to our children.

Our staff gives children the resources they need to rediscover joy in their lives.

Transformation requires time and support to foster healing and an openness to God’s goodness. At Dorie’s Promise, we work with our children, allowing them to heal at their own pace and rediscover the joy that overcomes their past trauma. All the while, our staff provides spiritual support for each child to become who God created them to be.

Only in our home can we truly foster transformation. Through a steadfast commitment to those who live in our home, we offer the foundations of transformation: safety, support, opportunity, and love.

Our children come to us from uncertainty and trauma. Their primary need is safety. Whether they have experienced neglect, physical abuse, or emotional abuse, they need to experience and trust in the safety of our home. Many of our children have been hurt by the adults who they trusted the most. Overcoming their traumatic pasts and helping them believe in safety is the first step in healing.

Education is a important part of our work at Dorie's Promise.

We also insist on staff who meet all our children’s needs. From the most basic need of adult presence at all times to more specific needs, we demonstrate love through our consistency. Our doctor, nurse, and psychologist foster healing and promote holistic health for our children.

The office staff fights for our children’s rights and well-being every day, seeking the best long-term solutions for healthy homes. Our teachers and Special Mothers create the home life our children long for with fun, learning, and childhood pleasures.

Everything we do reflects the love we have for our children. Beginning the moment they enter our care, each child is loved and covered in prayer. Our greatest desire is everyone’s well-being and success. We believe love can overcome pain and trauma when done with compassion over time while always leaning towards God’s unique opportunities.

We are honored to aid in the transformation of children at Dorie’s Promise.

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