Thank You from All of Us

Thank You from All of Us

Thanks! Gracias! You’re the best! We’re so grateful! 🤗 What would we do without you? Thank you from all of us at Forever Changed International.

Every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas we try to share our gratitude for everyone in our Forever Changed International family. This year, words seem almost inadequate to describe our appreciation for each of you. The challenges we’ve faced this year make this note even more special.

Thank You to Our Guatemalan Staff

Our staff and the Special Mothers have done an amazing job this year.

When we started planning how 2020 might look, we never imagined the challenges we would face.

Our kids are getting older. There were several quinceañeras and a graduation to plan. Our summer should have been filled with mission teams. Now, one of those quinceañeras is still on hold, as is the graduation. Nor, did we get the chance to plan those mission trips.

In the face of so many challenges, you have done an amazing job. 🙌

Within a few days, you transformed our classroom into a school for 35 children. You learned all the apps, programs, and schedules needed to teach our children from home. At times, you’ve volunteered to stay on-site because it was safer for everyone. You and your families have sacrificed on behalf of our children. You gave our children the absolute best care. We did all of this while also caring for your loved ones and implementing fast-changing safety protocols.

Thank you for giving your best to our children and each other. Our children are excelling because of your love and dedication. We continue to pray for your health, stamina, and wellness. When it’s safe for everyone, we will join you again in Guatemala.

Thank You to Our Donors and Monthly Sponsors

Alex at Dorie's Promise

When we say you keep our home open, we aren’t exaggerating. Without your faithful support and trust in us, we couldn’t care for our children at Dorie’s Promise. A significant portion of our funding comes from our missions program. Without those funds this year, we faced a significant budget shortfall.

Friends, we worried about budget cuts and potential layoffs. We prayed. Expenses were trimmed just to the point of layoffs. Then, we prayed again and shared our needs. Although we hate asking you for more help beyond what you already give, we did and you gave. Each time we’ve shared a need this year, we’ve had friends step up and help. Your prayers, your donations, and your willingness to share about us with others carried us through. God is using every one of you and each of your gifts to care of our needs.

Thank you for praying for us and our children, especially as we fought COVID-19 in our home. The experience was exhausting and disheartening, but having your prayers and well wishes strengthen our spirits.

Thank you for sharing our story and needs with other friends who also helped. Thank you for giving as you could throughout the year. Thank you for remembering us as you faced challenges of your own this year. Thank you for being part of our Forever Changed International family.

Thank you from all of us at Forever Changed International. God bless you this holiday season and in the year to come.

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