Thank You for a Great 2011

By Alejandra Diaz-

As 2011 draws to a close, I wanted to reflect on our accomplishments and thank our many supporters who made a difference this year in the lives of Guatemala’s precious children.

More than 200 mission team members visited us during 2011, adding to the numbers who share our passion.

In addition, many Guatemalans came to volunteer and visit us often. All this help has enabled us to be considered one of our nation’s best children’s homes—not only for nice facilities but also for our quality of care.

This help is a blessing. So is the unconditional support from the founder of Dorie’s Promise, Heather Radu. Although far away, she is always calling, e-mailing and providing direction about the best way to do things.

The most rewarding part of my position is to feel our children’s unique and special love.

When our teacher left in mid-November, three of the older girls came to my office. One of them asked, “Are you leaving us?”

When I said, “No,” she replied, “Many people have come and gone, but you are still here and you should stay here, because we know you will always take care of us.”

That day I cried a lot because I sensed through her words God was telling me, “This is your place.” That thought keeps me going.

One of my dreams that is coming to pass (I will write more about this next week) is seeing some of our children attend private school to receive a better education. In 2011 five of our older kids applied and were accepted. This means we will be able to give something else that will be of value throughout their lives.

I also have long-term goals requiring more than a year to be fulfilled. One is that children receiving psychological therapy will recover from their traumas. Although this will take a long time, we will keep working with them and not give up hope.

Another goal is completing various renovations at Dorie’s Promise. Although sometimes the enormity of both tasks can seem overwhelming, I keep attending church, praying and visiting my family every weekend.

God uses all these things to give me strength. During difficult times, I tell Him, “For the time I am here I need to feel YOU holding my hand.”

As we prepare to enter a new year, I believe we are in for a great 2012. We have a wonderful team and many people praying for us, meaning we can open more doors for children needing a chance in life.

Thank you to everyone who offers support through visits, working here, making donations, sponsoring children or praying for us. We are a big family with one vision: to passionately serve the world’s forgotten children.


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