Thank You Alej Diaz!

Alej Diaz Celebrating 6 Years!

By Ken Walker –

For Alejandra Diaz, serving as director of Dorie’s Promise means much more than a job. “Since I came here the blessings on my life and family have been countless,” she says. “They have surpassed our expectations.”

Alej, as everyone knows her, joined the home when it was known as Hannah’s Hope. Hired by founder Heather Radu in 2005 as director of public relations, later Alej worked in the homes and assisted Heather with various tasks. When Heather returned to the States in 2007, she became director.

Dorie's Promise Staff in 2011

The staff of Dorie's Promise in 2010

A native of Guatemala City, Alej is the middle child of three siblings. Married to her high school sweetheart (they met in their church youth group), she has two children of her own—a boy age 7 and a daughter 20 months old.

She sensed God’s calling on her life at 16, thanks to her parents’ longtime instruction in faith matters. She and her husband now work as their church’s youth group advisors, teaching kids that the happiest way to live is by serving others.

“It does not matter who, where or when,” Alej says. “You can serve at any time.”

Prior to Dorie’s Promise, she worked for six years with a non-governmental organization that promoted women’s rights. When she had to leave, Alej prayed that she could find another job where she could help people.

The leaders of Dorie's Promise

Alej Diaz and Desi Stephens at Dorie's Promise Guatemala

As much as she likes working at the home, it has its challenges. Particularly the mixed emotions that can touch her within in the space of several minutes.  “When a child leaves with his or her adoptive family everybody here is happy to know that we will be forever part of their happiness,” Alej says. “God trusted in our hands that child’s first years of life to receive love and care. On the other hand, it is difficult to see a child who has been with us for protection sent back by the court to his or her biological family and be at risk of suffering abuse.”

The needs to help children are great. At present, the home is close to capacity, with 40 of its 44 slots filled by children from infancy to age 12.

Because of this, Alej dreams of seeing a bigger Dorie’s Promise so they can impact more children—and their parents, in cases where the family has changed and is ready to care for the child again.

“Children grow up here knowing that everything they get or have is because of God’s mercy,” she says. “It is good to know that I have a team working with me every day, sharing the same passion and love for Christ. And, looking to give the best we have to touch and change children’s lives.”


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