Siblings Reunited with Family

Siblings Reunited with Family

Our primary goal is to ensure that children enjoy a healthy, happy, and stable childhood. Therefore, we strive to provide all the assistance and love we can to the children in our care. For some children whose time at Dorie’s Promise is shorter, our role is navigating the challenging period they are away from their family. Such was the case for Helen, Mileidi, and David. After being with us for a year, they returned home with their mother.

These three adorable siblings arrived at our home in September 2022, and each one filled our special caregivers and the other children with laughter, curiosity, and affection.


Oldest sister Helen, 7 years old, proved to be a very perceptive, intelligent, and resilient child. Her adjustment process was quite positive, primarily because she is very loving and kind-hearted, but also incredibly curious! She has a passion for collecting rocks, so our staff members gifted her stones from different places, including some volcanic rocks. As her collection grew, she made little bags of colorful pebbles to give to her friends!

While with us, Helen was able to get new glasses with an updated prescription. She was very happy to choose her design!

Perhaps one of our greatest achievements with Helen was ensuring that she moved on to the next grade in school. She was at risk of falling behind due to her absence before entering our home. Thanks to the support of our educational program and her intelligence, she successfully continued her normal educational path.


Middle sister Mileydi is 5 years old. She also adapted well to our home. However, of the three siblings, she missed her mother the most and often grappled with feelings of grief and sadness. Thankfully, she received emotional support during her stay from our psychologists and other staff members.

While Helen was often quiet, Mileydi was outgoing and loved interacting with everyone. She enjoyed playing with the other girls, wearing tutus, and jumping around. Our Special Mothers very much appreciated her helpfulness to them and the other children.


Lastly, little brother David is 2 years old. David arrived at a very young age, which somewhat eased his transition into Dorie’s Promise. He is a bit shy at first, but once he feels comfortable, he is charming and expressive! He had a great time playing and laughing with everyone else.

David was very healthy when he joined us. In addition to his emotional well-being, we focused on helping his development continue. Our teachers included him in the Early Stimulation Program to harness his full potential.

Best Wishes Helen, Mileydi, and David!

We greatly celebrate the reunion of Helen, Mileidi, and David with their mother, knowing that they are very happy to be back with their family. We are very pleased to have provided a safe place for them during the time they spent with us. We wish them all the best.

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