She Smiles All the Time

By Arwen McGilvra-

We’d like you to meet one of the adorable babies in our home. Sandi is a very active little girl who is just beginning to take her first steps. You can see her around the home pulling her little stride-ride toy. She smiles all the time and is a very friendly and kind baby.

Marleny, one of the supervisors, says of Sandi, “I enjoy seeing her playing with her stride-ride toy. She is learning to walk with it, and sometimes she will let it out and take a couple steps on her own. It’s very cute.”

Like most 16-month-olds, she plays hard during the day, enjoys bath time, and then sleeps well at night.

Sandi came to us when she was only 5 days old, by court order, because her birth mother didn’t want her. The mother’s family did not know she was pregnant, and she decided to give the baby up rather than face their disappointment. Sandi has been declared adoptable (for a Guatemalan family*).

Dr. Castro is happy with her development. “She is a lovely child,” he says. “She is healthy girl, and her development has reached the level we want at her age. We appreciate all the support we receive — it aids us in giving her a different, better life.”

Nohemi, one of her special mothers, says, “She smiles all the time. She is just starting to walk, and I really enjoy seeing her grow up.”

Sandi’s story is currently, thankfully, a happy one. In our home, joy is a daily experience, and orphaned children just like her find safety and security. But most of all, it is a place where children who would have never known love can grow up knowing that God loves them no matter what and has a plan for their lives.

Be a part of Sandi’s life by sponsoring her today. You’ll help provide for the daily necessities, as well as for the medical care and personal attention she gets from our special mothers. Besides the great things you’ll be doing for her, you will get special quarterly updates with new photos, videos, and artwork — things that are only available to her sponsors. Being a sponsor means you can enjoy watching Sandi grow up.


*International adoptions in Guatemala closed in 2008.

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