She has a NEW Family…


Christmas was especially exciting at Dorie’s Promise this year.  A special gift was in store for three-year-old Estafania—the gift of a new family!

Estafania was shy at first with her future family.  However, after experiencing frequent visits, she quickly warmed up to them. Estafania’s new family is Christian and owns several restaurants in Guatemala City. They also have a six-year-old biological daughter whom they adore.  While they are thankful for all God has blessed them with, they still felt their family wasn’t complete.

Last summer, the family began the process of adopting and found their way to Dorie’s Promise.  The parents enjoyed their time spent at Dorie’s home and loved chatting with staff while their daughter played with the children on the playground.

One special moment for this family and Estafania occurred when the adoptive parents provided snacks for all the children.  Estafania had the privilege of sharing a big bag of chocolates and cookies with all of her friends.  It was a precious moment for everyone.

Once the adoption paperwork was complete, both parents were overwhelmed with tears of joy. It was also an emotional moment for the Dorie’s Promise staff. Estafania has considered Dorie’s Promise “home” for most of her short life.  Her parents have promised that they will definitely return with Estafania in the new year.  They want her to stay connected to all of her friends at Dorie’s Promise.

Note: International adoptions are still closed in Guatemala.  Adoptions within Guatemala still happen on a regular basis.

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