Serving Others in the Real World

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Part Four of our new Missions Matter Series, come back each week to find out more about serving those around your home and community as well as around the world. God has given us the power to be His witnesses! Start today…

Founder Heather RaduBy Heather Radu-

Sometimes—and I am guilty of this as well—people have a rosy view of serving others. We get the idea that we’re going to go out and do something like work in a food pantry, or at a local mission. Or maybe we’ll start a new ministry in our community. Then, once we get things off the ground, people will overflow with gratitude. Lives will be changed!

And you know, that may happen. Sad to say, though, it often doesn’t. Sometimes, even if we serve with the best of intentions, problems crop up. People are still not happy. I think of the book of Acts in chapter six, when the people of the church were serving widows. These women were in great need, and they were being served, but things weren’t perfect. In fact, there was a great deal of complaining going on because it seemed the money was not being distributed fairly.

If you go on and read the chapter, you will see that the Apostles settled the problem. But the whole episode reminds us that serving can be hard work. We don’t always get the thanks we think we deserve. In fact, sometimes people can act downright selfish, getting angry because we are not serving them the way they think we should.

Don’t be discouraged!

Those early followers of Jesus were not serving widows so they could get a pat on the back, and they certainly weren’t doing it so they could boost their own egos. They served because there were people who needed to eat. People who were made in God’s image. That is the reason why we do what we do at Forever Changed International, and I hope that is why you are serving in your own community.

So please do go out and serve, but remember you can’t control the reactions of others. You serve people because when you help them you are honoring the God who made them. And you know, then your service becomes an act of worship. And that is the most important thing any of us can do with our lives.

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