Seeing Poverty

Poverty. It’s ugly. So ugly, in fact, that we shield ourselves from it. In the U.S., a person making less than $11,344 a year falls into the poverty category. Yet in Guatemala, the average income is around $2,800*. Poverty is rampant in Guatemala; it’s one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Approximately 75% of the population lives in poverty.

At Dorie’s Promise, our vision is to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children in the world. We work to provide a place for these orphans to find a loving home. Through our missions program, we are also working to help those living in poverty in the neighborhoods surrounding the orphanage. We believe that these programs can be life-changing, and not just for the families in the ghetto and the dump.

If you have been on a mission trip to Guatemala through Forever Changed International, you’ve likely experienced that change yourself. We’re working on a special blog for World Poverty Day, and we want to know your experiences. Email us if you’d be willing to be featured in the article.

*Stats from the National Poverty Center, UNdata, and the World Bank.

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