See the Pictures – New Baby at Dorie’s Promise!

Karoli Rubi is a small, precious miracle.  Now four months old, this 12-pound little girl is a survivor against all odds.

Before Karoli was born, her mother was diagnosed with HIV.  The public hospital staff was concerned that her mother’s disease would be handed down to her, and took every precaution to protect Korali.  In order to prevent this little one from contracting HIV, she was delivered by cesarean section, and was fed by formula rather than breast milk.  Immediately, Korali was tested for the disease.

Amazingly, by the grace of God, the laboratory tests showed that Korali was HIV free!

However, Korali’s mother was unable to care for her.  Try as they might, the Social Office could find no other family members to take Korali into their home.  It was then that the Social Office contacted Dorie’s Promise Guatemala, informed us that this little one had nowhere to go, and asked if we could raise her.  And after considering the situation, we said “yes!”

For our family at Dorie’s Promise, it is an incredible joy to receive a new baby like Karoli because we know that we are providing desperately needed care for the child that no one else is able to give.  Karoli’s situation with HIV is a new challenge for all of us.  But we know that every child – and every life – is a unique, irreplaceable gift.

Whenever we are contacted about a child in need, we are reminded of our calling to love and protect children who have no place to go.  That’s why we are unspeakably thankful for every challenge that God sends us to love children like Karoli and be a family to them.  Because of friends like you, and all of our supporters and team members, Karoli now has a future, a chance at life, and a place to call home.  Her precious life, against all odds, is now forever changed.

There are hundreds of children like Korali in the surrounding area of Dorie’s Promise Guatemala with no one to care for them, or with abusive home environments, who need shelter, nourishment, medical attention, and most of all, love.  Currently, we are operating at capacity given the amount of staff, resources, and funding that we have available from our monthly supporters – but our facility has space for more kids!

That’s why right now I want to ask you to do something special – please stand with us for the sake of children in need like Karoli through monthly support.

When you do, incredible things will happen.  Your support brings love into the lives of these little ones that will change their lives forever… and when you become a part of that incredible work of love, your life will begin to change too!

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