Sebastian Reunited with His Family

Sebastian Reunited with His Family

A few weeks ago, Sebastian was reunited with his family after 4 years at Dorie’s Promise.

He is five years old and spent most of his childhood so far in our home. His siblings, Isaias and Sofia, remain at Dorie’s Promise and are now feeling better about the separation. We feel grateful for the opportunity to care for this sweet boy until his family was ready to bring him home again.

Sebastian reunited with his father’s family

Sometimes court procedures go slowly and last many years. In general, the courts take their time to understand the dynamics in each family and consider each child’s case carefully to make sure they return to a safe and loving environment. Although Sebastian spent years at Dories Promise, from infancy to preschool, this event developed unusually quickly. For Sebastian’s family, the procedures promptly proceeded and he was allowed to return home, a dream many of our children share.

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially for family members

His siblings, Isaias and Sofia, remain at Dorie’s Promise since their particular family situation called for such measures. As half-siblings, the family members claiming custody are only related to Sebastian, not Isaias and Sofia.

The separation was, as expected, a difficult situation for everyone. Isaias and Sofia are still young and unable to understand the situation to its fullest, but they are very aware of their surroundings and conditions. They do understand separation and sadness. Sofia and Isaias were feeling the effects of the detachment but were comforted by the love and care of our Special Mothers and psychologist, Ana Maria.

We are so proud of Sofia and Isaias for their resilience and joy amid challenging circumstances. After allowing their feelings of sadness and loss to find healthy outlets and giving them room to grieve, Isaias and Sofia rose to the circumstances and chose to continue living in joy.

What a lesson for us to learn!

Reminiscing about our days with Sebas

When Sebastian, or Sebas as we call him, came to our home as a baby. He spent the first years of his life with us at Dorie’s Promise and we are beyond grateful for the opportunity to enjoy his precious smile and carefree personality. It is truly a gift to care for children when they need it the most.

Looking back at his photos we remember the Christmases spent together, baking cookies, opening presents, and getting surprises in his stocking. Once, he received a Paw Patrol puppy as a present and was beyond himself with happiness and gratitude.

Sebastian shows his love through hugs and laughter.

We cherish his friendship with Santiago, playing together, competing against each other, and laughing at their silly inventions and games. These two were nearly inseparable. The photos of them making silly faces, smiling, and playing bring smiles to our faces.

Sebastian loved that he got to share so much with Sofia and Isaias, even sharing the same house this year.  These are the moments when we feel so grateful for having decided to move the little kids to Casa 1. We gave Isaias, Sofia, and Sebastian a few precious months together.

Join us in prayer for Sebastian, his family, and his siblings. May they be comforted and able to undergo major life changes with peace in their hearts and minds. May this new season of their lives be covered in joy and awe; and may they know they are loved and cherished both in our home and with their families.

If you are interested in being part of Sofia and Isaias’ journey, please email us to find out more.

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