Saying Goodbye to Abigail

Abigail was reunited with her biological family on July 5th. Abigail came to Dorie's Promise by court order, she was left with the neighbor when her mother was delivering another baby. During that time Abigail got sick and this neighbor took her to the hospital for evaluation. Since Abigail’s birth certificate was not registered with RENAP, an agency in Guatemala, when she recovered from the illness, the neighbor couldn’t take her home. For that reason the Minor’s court open an investigation if the neighbors story and the identy of Abigails parents. The court decided to move her to Dorie's Promise while her case was investigated.

Not only does Abigail enjoy eating all kinds of food, she has a sweet personality that draws everyone. She loves to learn and interact with other children and the Special Mothers.

Abigail loves activity, whether she is walking from toy to toy or simply playing with her Special Mother. Her favorite toy is her doll. She likes brushing her hair and having a special “thing” in her hand all the time.

We will miss Abigail, but are always happy when families can be reunited.

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