Room Makeovers Video Tour

We hope you’ve had a chance to see the pictures and read the reports (New Look of Rooms Delight the Children of Dorie’s Promise and Extreme Make Over – Questions and Answers) on our recently completed room makeovers. We have one more special treat for you – a video we put together of the room makeovers. Thank you to all our partners and donors who helped make this a reality. We can’t stress enough how needed this was after 14 years and 600 plus kids in our home. It’s a huge blessing to our children and home!


  1. Ruth Sheehan

    Beautiful! Thanks so much for doing this, and for making this great video!! It’s easy to see how much work and love went into this, and how happy the kids are all with their new rooms! I’m thankful for the people who are caring for my son, Luis. What a great way to start my day – thank you!

  2. Suzanne Olsen

    The new rooms are fantastic!! Such a wonderful job done!
    I’m so happy for the kids!

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