Reunited with Her Siblings!

Siblings at Dorie's Promise Guatemala - Forever Changed International
By Alej Diaz

Mid-May brought one of the most joy-filled reunions Dorie’s Promise has ever seen. After being separated last year, 13-year-old Mirna was reunited with her baby brother and three younger sisters.

Mirna on the Day She Arrived at Dorie's Promise

Mirna on the day she arrived at Dorie's Promise.

Abraham, Maria, Ana and Ingrid came to the home in February of 2010. We had received a call from Children’s Services, asking if we could take four siblings who desperately need a place to live.

That call came soon after Heather Radu and I discussed having room in our budget to accept five more infants. Although not all these children were babies, we decided they must be who God intended for us to receive.

“I feel very special being here,” Mirna says. “Being separated for the past year, I can see that the Special Mothers have taken care of my sisters and baby brother. I can see they love us all.”

“I’m very happy to see my sister,” says Ana. “I was sad when we couldn’t be all together. When I first arrived, I cried sometimes because I wished we could be together—and now we are.”

Originally, the court sent Mirna to another home for girls. Later, the judge allowed her to live with her grandparents, but after awhile they decided they were unable to take custody.

Though we usually only accept children up to 12, we made an exception because her brother and sisters were here.

“I’m so happy seeing them all together,” says Special Mother Diana Chanchavac. “I can see that they feel they are complete.”

Like her siblings, Mirna has known many difficulties in life. However, she has been able to take advantage of the opportunities Forever Changed offers.

These include such pleasures as toys to play with and someone to paint her nails and comb her hair. Mirna is also taking steps towards progress with her education.

Mirna - one week after arriving at Dorie's Promise Guatemala

Mirna after a week at Dorie's Promise Guatemala

At one point, she started first grade but did not complete that year because of ongoing court hearings.

She is working with Milena, our physiologist, to start writing practice in a workbook. She also completes daily work sheets in an effort to catch up.

“I love to learn,” Mirna says. “I have wanted to learn English since I was eight years old. I want to continue to study because my dream is to be a lawyer and help kids who are helpless.”

It is never pleasant to encounter these kinds of situations, yet being able to step in and offer life-changing help is the reason why we do what we do.

Each day, the smiles that we see on Mirna’s face let us know that she is making positive changes and embracing life.

She is learning how valuable she can be to the world and to appreciate the inner strength that enabled her to make it this far.