Remembering the Purpose of Our Work

Remembering the Purpose of Our Work

With 40 children in our home, it’s easy to be overwhelmed at times by the immediate needs of our children. Forty children create a lot of dirty clothes, eat a lot of food, and have a lot of homework.

Recently, we received a letter from a former resident of Dorie’s Promise and were reminded of how important our work is to the children in our care.


Marbelly as a babyMarbelly lived at Dorie’s Promise for two years as a young child before being united with her adoptive family. Now, as a 15 year-old young woman, she has reached out to the women who cared for her in our home.

One of the greatest fears and questions our staff struggles with is whether their work is enough and if they have done all they can for the children in our home. Especially for those who are only in our care temporary, like our foster children now or those who lived with us during the years of international adoption, the time we have with these children can be short. Nonetheless, they pour into our children and pray for them fervently, believing God has a great plan.

Even now, Marbelly has fond memories of Guatemala, which is amazing for someone who was so young. She is especially thankful for Mama Nohemi and Mama Marleni who cared for her in our home. Years later, Marbelly still has the letter Mama Marleni wrote to her before she left with her adoptive family. Marleni’s words are invaluable and help maintain Marbelly’s connection to Dorie’s Promise and her Guatemalan identity. As a young woman embracing her identity, having this connection is important.

From Marbelly’s letter:

“Thank you for all you have ever done for me. Whether it was changing my diaper, playing with me, feeding me, giving me bathes, and comforting me when I was sad. I hope to visit you at Dorie’s Promise someday. I miss all of you, and love you all so much.”

For our Special Mothers, receiving this letter meant the world to them. They often wonder how our children are doing after leaving our home. To know that Marbelly is doing well, has a loving family, remembers them, and remembers her time in Guatemala is amazing.

This letter was a small reminder that their work is making a difference in the lives of the children at Dorie’s Promise. Long after children leave our home, they continue to carry the love and spirit of our home with them.

Remembering the Purpose of Our Work

Marbelly recently sent a letter to Dorie's Promise.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to reconnect with children who lived in our home. Whether through visits, calls, or emails, we enjoy watching as these children grow and thrive with their families.

Every child who has lived at Dorie’s Promise is a member of our family. We pour into each child, praying the time we have with them is enough to help them heal, remind them of their worth, and prepare them for the next step in their journey.

We are called to passionately serve the children of Guatemala.

Thank you Marbelly for blessing our Special Mothers with your encouragement. We are thankful for her family’s support and enthusiasm for maintaining her connection with Dorie’s Promise. We hope to reconnect with Marbelly and her family at Dorie’s Promise soon.

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