Quinceañera Party

Ingrid looks like a princess in her Quinceañera dress.

Alej giving a speech for Ingrid's Quinceañera.One of our customs in Guatemala is to celebrate the 15th birthday of any girl — as she is becoming a young lady. One of our girls turned 15 in February, and she was so excited to celebrate it — she had been looking forward to her Quinceañera Party for a year. But we continued to explain to her that we hoped to have the funds to do it. So she prayed and prayed: if it was the Lord’s will, He would make it happen.

In the months leading up to Ingrid’s birthday, Alejandra, our Director, and Jessica, the children’s activities coordinator, started planning. It’s always amazing how God opens doors! A company donated turkeys for the dinner, another donated the cake, and still others donated the dresses. It was unbelievable at the beginning! God proved that anything is possible, and that He is in control!

Alej says: “It was a great day for Ingrid and everyone made her feel so special … all the planning, decoration, music, lights, dresses, her hairdo and makeup — everything!”

Everyone cooperated to help make it happen.

The special birthday cake for the Quinceañera.We are grateful she is a part of our home. If she weren’t here, she may not have had the opportunity to experience all the excitement and celebration.

Jessica says that it was amazing to see Ingrid’s dream come true, to see her transformed into a fairy tale princess, and make her beyond happy. Even all the children were amazed to see how pretty she was — they loved being part of the celebration.

“It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced,” Ingrid says. “It was so magical. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to celebrate my 15th birthday in that way … Thank you all!

The special moms, staff, and children love Ingrid. This celebration was full of beauty, excitement, gratitude — we had so much fun. Thank you for helping make dreams like this one come true!

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