Planning for the 2024 School Year

Planning for the 2024 School Year

Every year we learn a bit more from our kids and every year we try to meet their needs even better. Using insight from our children and staff, we’re once again making changes to our Dorie’s Promise’s educational program to meet the needs and abilities of our children.

What’s Not Changing

Sofía, Abraham, Yiré, María, Merari, and Nayeli will continue studying at our local Christian school once again. Having an educational environment beyond home is very positive for them to socialize and meet new people. When they’re at home working on their assignments, they’ll receive support to complete them and resolve any questions from our staff.

We will continue using the homeschool program to provide more specialized education for children like Ulices, Marcos, Alejandra, Jimena, Merari, and Marta again this year. Additionally, our toddlers and preschoolers will continue in our early learning program with Magda.

New for 2024

This year’s significant shift is changing the focus to each child’s learning style. We all learn best in different ways. Our goal now is to group children with similar learning styles. In the words of program coordinator Ana María, “We shouldn’t keep doing the same thing; we need to keep adapting to the child’s needs. The goal is for the children to be autonomous.”

Many children showed fantastic educational results in 2023, but to ensure that all children reach their potential, continuous growth is necessary.

Alejandra will be the first student to attend the ninth grade in our homeschool program. The plan for her studies is to encourage disciplined autonomy so she can develop her capabilities with individual responsibility. Brayan will rejoin his school path and have more opportunities to pursue a technical career in the future.

Strategies for older children differ from those used by younger ones. This year, we’re also adding more support and personalized guidance for our children with special educational needs.

Exciting New Classroom Expansion

Another exciting project kicking off in 2024 is the technology lab.

The goal of this lab is to introduce children to technology so they can utilize the tools they need in the present and the future. We live in a technological world where learning about its proper use is essential for adult life. Everything from understanding how to use virtual tools to knowing which sources are suitable for research and school, these are fundamental skills they will need in high school, college, and work.

We’re very excited and, above all, look forward to encouraging a healthy and motivating relationship with education in our children. We know it’s not easy for everyone, but we want to teach them to trust themselves and make the most of their potential. We believe in them and are giving them resources, so they believe in themselves too!

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