Overcoming Obstacles through Art

Overcoming Obstacles through Art

With his smart orange glasses and big smile, Manuel looks comfortable and confident in our classroom. In fact, he is more comfortable and confident than when he first came to Dorie’s Promise. One of the keys to his success is overcoming obstacles through art.

Decoding Manuel’s Shyness

A combination of factors resulted in Manuel being very shy when he first joined us. He was quiet, withdrawn, and unsure of what to expect in our home. Of course, all those things are expected for a small child going through so many changes. For Manuel, there was a little more to his shyness.

Beyond the emotional and psychological stress of his situation, Manuel was also struggling to keep up with other children his age. He had some educational struggles which also affected his confidence. Once we understood that his shyness was more uneasiness than personality, our staff began helping him identify and work through these specific issues.

Manuel shared with us recently that it was very hard for him to adapt when he first to our home. At just 6 years old, all the changes and struggles were too much. For him, the love he received from our Special Mothers made all the difference and helped him learn how to adapt and become part of our family.

Manuel found his place in our family and with that, his smiley, carefree personality also emerged.

Overcoming Obstacles through Art

Manuel's Art

After finding his place in our home and becoming comfortable with us, Manuel was then ready to receive help for his educational challenges. Miss Heidy describes him as an enthusiastic, cooperative, and creative child who loves to learn.

After many years of hard work, we’re excited to see the progress he’s making in school. Manuel loves to learn. Right now, we’re specifically working on improving his writing skills through extra tutoring and his practice journal.

Manuel loves art class and learning about the different forms of art. Miss Heidy encourages him to explore art, especially drawing and painting as a way of strengthening his motor skills. Imagine using a hobby you love to also help you overcome a struggle. Every stroke he takes with a colored pencil or paintbrush helps him improve his handwriting.

Manuel is doing great. Seeing him smile during school is the best gift we could receive from Manuel. We’re thankful for Miss Heidy’s unique ways of encouraging him while also teaching.

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