Opportunities at Dorie’s Promise – Pray, Give, Go

Opportunities at Dorie’s Promise – Pray, Give, Go

God is doing amazing work in the lives of our children. Just this year: Jennifer graduated high school, several children were reunited with their biological families, both Josue and Manuel had successful life-changing surgeries, and we welcomed new children into our home. He has work for us to accomplish together in Guatemala. 

Which opportunities best combine your gifts and God’s work at Dorie’s Promise – Pray, Give, Go?


Recently, one of our longtime sponsors emailed us to share his personal Dorie’s Promise prayer list and inquire about other ways he could pray for us. We were humbled by the faithfulness of his requests. Not only has he been praying for us in very specific ways, but he has also been praying and seeing the ways God is working for many years.

The most important gift you can give our children at Dorie’s Promise is prayer. We believe that God provides everything needed to serve his purposes at Dorie’s Promise. You are part of his provision in the lives of our children.

Please join us in prayer as we ask God to provide the resources our children need and the wisdom we desire as we make decisions on their behalf.


December is the most important fundraising month for Forever Changed International. Nearly one-third of our operating budget is funded by your generous gifts each December.

Unfortunately, the investments needed at Dorie’s Promise to complete several pandemic-delayed projects this year, coupled with a drastic reduction in mission trip income due to travel limitations since 2020, have severely impacted our budget.

During 2020 and 2021, several generous donors supplemented our reduced missions program income with special gifts. As the economy slows, opportunities for some donors to give large gifts may be more limited. Your special gift today will help meet our immediate needs.

If you are able, we ask you to consider giving a special gift to Dorie’s Promise.


Our 2023 mission team calendar is now open!

If you’ve been considering a visit to Dorie’s Promise, now’s the time. Why wait?! We have several spots remaining for our first trip March 25th – 31st, as well as weeks throughout spring, early summer, and fall.

During your visit, you’ll meet our children and staff, work in our local communities, and learn about Guatemala in an immersive environment. There’s no better way to understand the challenges our children face than to visit Guatemala and learn from locals.

If you’re interested in visiting Guatemala in 2023, learn more on our missions website or contact our Missions Director Naomi Beazely.

Pray, Give, and Go

Thank you for faithfully supporting Forever Changed International through your prayers, financial gifts, and visits.

As we approach the end of 2022, we’re facing a budget shortfall. Without those funds, the services our children need may be delayed indefinitely and our operating budget will be constrained. We need to raise $100,000 before December 31st.

We know how much you care about our children at Dorie’s Promise and ask that you prayerfully consider how you can help meet this critical need. Every gift is important and appreciated.

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