New Siblings at Dorie’s Promise

New Siblings at Dorie’s Promise

In late September, Helen, Mileydi, and David joined our home. These three siblings are cute, lovely, and very polite. After settling in, they enjoy their new friendships with the other children, activities with our Special Mothers each day, and the vacation courses they participated in last month.

As expected, the first few days were rough for everyone. David, the youngest, was most impacted by the move and needed additional love and patience. As a toddler, he processes his move primarily through tears and attachment to his sisters. At the same time, Mileydi and Helen were shy and apprehensive. Within a few weeks, they realized our home was a safe haven, even after being separated from her mother.

We’re happy to share that they are now playing, eating better, crying less, and bonding with our Special Mothers.

Get to know Helen

As the oldest sibling, Helen is a wonderful eight-year-old who likes to draw and paint. Her favorite color is purple and her least favorite is green. Her wide brown eyes hide behind glasses and explore everything, you can tell she is constantly making quiet observations. This goes well with her protective instincts toward her siblings, especially David, the youngest of the three.

Helen has joined our Little Girl Club and is great friends with Jimena and Ashley. You can regularly see them playing together, talking, and hanging out.

Although not a fan of sports, Helen enjoys learning and is very polite.

Mileydi and David

Being younger, Mileydi and David show how they feel through play. At first, getting them to engage with others was a difficult task. Rather quickly, they were feeling the joy and love from our Special Mothers and slowly but surely began to feel calmer and relaxed, allowing them to enjoy the house toys and games.

They like to play, eat, and explore the house. Both are very smart, albeit shy, toddlers. We enjoy their presence and company.

Uncertain times call for extra loving measures.

We know what our kids need the most: a loving and caring environment to heal and grow. Because their court procedures are still ongoing, we are unsure about how long Helen, Mileydi, and David will be staying with us. We are certain they will be loved and cared for every single day. This couldn’t be done without your generosity and love. Thank you so much!

Please join us in prayer for these three lovely siblings and their mother. We pray their circumstances continue to improve from this day forward.

Help Helen, Mileydi, and Helen today. Your special year-end gift gives Helen, Mileydi, and David a safe, loving home until they are reunited with family. Give today.

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