New Opportunities for Aracely and Jessica

New Opportunities for Aracely and Jessica

Although our intentions are always to strive towards the future and God’s will for Forever Changed International and Dorie’s Promise, change is not always easy. Recently, both Aracely and our Legal Assistant Jessica pursued exciting new opportunities outside Dorie’s Promise.

We are both excited for their opportunities and saddened by the reality of no longer spending our days with them.

Aracely Steps into Adulthood

As a 20-year-old young woman, Aracely has been steadily approaching her future with both an excitement to forge ahead and an unbreakable bond with her younger siblings. In recent years, those two competing priorities created tension as she dreamed about her future.

Last fall, she graduated from her high school’s culinary program, subsequently finding employment at a local restaurant, and beginning classes at a local culinary school.

In May, after considering her options and having many long discussions with our staff, Aracely decided the time was right for her to move out of Dorie’s Promise. She is excited for the opportunity to continue her career while also taking responsibility for her future.

We trust God has an amazing plan for Aracely’s life and that her time at Dorie’s Promise prepared her for these opportunities. Please pray with us as she, her siblings, and our staff navigate this transition.

Thank You Jessica

After more than 9 years serving in various roles at Dorie’s Promise, our Legal Assistant Jessica is now pursuing other work opportunities. Already, our office is very different without her bubbly personality.

Many mission team participants will remember Jessica as a trip leader who made everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. Her genuine desire to connect with others brought people together and accomplished projects that impacted our local communities. She skillfully connected visitors with the people they served and elevated truly Guatemalan stories. Most recently, she served as our Legal Assistant and represented our children at their court proceedings.

As she now pursues other work and schooling opportunities, we wish Jessica the absolute best and thank her for her work on behalf of our children.

We are thankful for the time we shared with these two amazing women and look forward to watching what God has in store for their futures.

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