New Baby at Dorie’s Promise

Little Maria Alejandra was born into a world of adversity.  She was born in the streets where, shortly after her birth she was picked up by an ambulance and brought to a hospital.  There was literally no room for her in any of the government orphanages.  Try as they might, the hospital personnel could find no place for her.

15 days later, a call came in to Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.  “She’s only 15 days old,” the caller said, “and we need to find a home for her.”

Every time we get a phone call like this, we scramble to find any way to bring in the child.  Ideas immediately swam through our heads about diapers, formula, and everything else we needed to care for Maria.  Thankfully, God has been blessing us in a powerful way through families, teams, and individuals who have stood with us to care for kids – so we had enough supplies, and more than enough love to bring Maria into Dorie’s Promise.

After talking it over and ensuring everything was in order to take in Maria, we informed the caller that we were both willing and able to take in Maria.  When she came to us, her precious face gazed up into our faces, searching for security and hope.  At 7.12 pounds and 51 centimeters, she was absolutely tiny – but even in the short time she’s been with us, she has grown.

There is always a risk with the kids whose moms live in the streets.  They might have any number of diseases or health issues – but we are making all of the necessary tests to ensure that Maria gets any special care that she might need.

Experiences like these bring us such great joy – being able to care for a brand-new baby… a new life into the world that we have the chance to welcome with hope, with love, and with a life changed forever.  That’s the essence of what we do at Dorie’s Promise.  As Dorie herself said, we are here “to give lose and abandoned children hope for the future through the love of Jesus Christ.  I was one of those kids, and I can tell you they need it!”

Please be in prayer for little Maria Alejandra and consider sponsoring our children today.  With this new child, your help is needed now more than ever before!

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