Mission Teams: A New Adventure Awaits at Dorie’s Promise!

Mission Teams: A New Adventure Awaits at Dorie’s Promise!

There is never a dull moment at Dorie’s Promise, especially during missions season. Starting in May 2023, mission teams will return, some for the first time since the lockdowns.

Our children and Special Mothers are excited and already anticipating seeing you again. We are working diligently to make sure everything is ready for you.

Ohhh the fun we’ll have together!

Like other years, we have TONS of activities planned to share with our children and spend LOTS of time at Dorie’s Promise.

Like you’re used to, we will enjoy special outings with the kids. For the first time since 2019, we will finally attend Church all together on Sundays! This is a much-anticipated outing being added back to our Sunday team activities. Of course, we will have our going away dinner party at Dorie’s😢.

Outside Dorie’s Promise, we are able to resume activities with the communities surrounding the Guatemala City dump in the company of Potter’s House who has worked with the children and individuals for over 34 years. For those looking for true fair-trade shopping opportunities, Creamos also rejoins our schedule. There, you will meet the women who upcycle materials found in the dump.

Bertha is already coordinating your activities. She is working with families in San Nicolas and Santiago Sacatepequez who will are anticipating our teams’ arrivals later this year. As always, our projects will include building houses with cement floors and distributing bunk beds, stoves, water filters, and groceries.

We feel extremely grateful to God for his constant provision of goods and kindness that multiplies through the seasons and changes lives every year.

New things happening: a hotel stay

An important change this year is that our teams will be staying at a hotel instead of in Casa 1 at Dorie’s Promise. If you haven’t read the news about our children’s new rooms, click here.

Although this is a HUGE change, our Staff worked hard to balance time at Dorie’s Promise with hosting a comfortable experience for our mission teams. Our schedule allows lots of activity time with our children and offers restful evenings at the hotel PLUS the benefits of having more bathrooms. This can only mean good news, am I right? The more the merrier!

The hotel feels like a home because it used to be a home. It meets everyone’s needs: we will have spaces for full team activities, separate areas for smaller groups, and if you are feeling like you need some space to yourself – we’ll have that too. Best of all, our hosts are great people. You’ll like Ernesto. He is very accommodating and friendly, and speaks English!

We know some of you may wonder about the safety of staying off-grounds. Rest assured, we have considered this thoroughly. Our hotel is in zone 10, very close to Dorie’s. The property is secure with on-site staff at all times. You will be staying at a good, caring, welcoming, and hospitable place.

We are working earnestly to make this transition as easy as possible. Bertha is very attentive and mindful of our guests every step of the way.

The gift of flexibility

Staying at a neighboring property allows our children to enjoy a much-needed space at Dorie’s Promise. Your flexibility is a gift to our children.

How is this a gift?

When our mission teams stay at a neighboring property, our children can use our entire property. They have more personal space, more room to play, and routines meant for their age.  

Our children needed this change. We didn’t realize how this incredible blessing would help them grow. The teen boys in Casa 5 are more helpful around the house. Our Special Mothers say sometimes the boys even insist on doing the dishes! Our teen girls in Casa 6 now take care of their laundry. Most meaningfully, the little ones are enjoying a closer relationship with their siblings in Casa 1. Many of the young sibling groups are living together again in the same house.

These blessings for our children wouldn’t be possible without your considerate gentleness and generosity, which we know is a gift from God Himself.

We can’t wait to see you this year. Thank you for your love and support!

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