Miraculous Medical Update for Josue

Miraculous Medical Update for Josue

“Great things happen to those who don´t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” – Roy T. Bennett

It is my pleasure to announce officially that our dearest Josue was given a new life. Like a miracle that we are so grateful for, one he certainly will be grateful for as well once the full effects are a reality. We hope his gratitude will last his entire life. For this, he will be a better and happier person.

After experiencing so much pain, loneliness, and uncertainty since early life, this brave and intelligent boy showed a sustainable personality growth and resilience that impresses anyone who gets to know him closely. Josue was born lacking some parts of his intestinal and urinary tracts that are vital for his life to continue on a normal and healthy path. He was operated on as a newborn and has subsequently been hospitalized for a series of delicate, but medically necessary, diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Medical science and art doesn´t know the answers to every illness. It’s more accurate to say that we doctors faced more questions to ask than answers to give. But there are always angels and God provides the proper timing. What we know is that bio-ethical principles must be present and practiced as we face dilemmas to be solved. I thank God that I have been with the right people in the right moments to assist with medical decisions. I also thank God that Josue has been strong and resilient enough to support such difficult biological, psychological, social, and spiritual tests during his most important infancy and childhood periods.

As months and years passed, Josue was suffering in many aspects of his life due to his condition. His well-being is so important at any age, but much more now as he nears adolescence.  He needs to grow and develop to his full potential and mature as healthy and happy as possible.

We (the doctors, urologists, pediatric surgeons, and I) were prepared to operate on Josue in June 2023. I ordered his hospitalization and coordinated Josue´s plan with my brilliant humanitarian friends and colleagues of the Pediatric Surgical Unit at the teaching Hospital Roosevelt in Guatemala City. Dr. Fernando González Arrechea lead the team with Dr. Raúl Sosa, Dr. Erwin Hernandez, and Dr. Javier Bolaños. They were assisted by Dr. Matin Kaefer, Professor of Urology at Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis.  Dr. Kaefer has known Josue since infancy and Dr. González has also assisted me since Josue´s arrival at Dorie´s Promise.

A series of diagnostic tests were performed first in the operating room to determine if the more radical surgical procedure we planned could indeed improve his functionality and quality of life.

The outcome was very surprising to all of us, mainly to me, because we expected the bladder to be neurogenic (without function). I received a phone call from my colleagues during the procedure. They were excited about new findings. Josue’s bladder was in good shape, as were other areas of concern. He did not need the more radical procedure. What great news!

I am grateful to God and our medical angels for this outcome.

Josue only has one functioning kidney and we have to monitor his urinary system during his entire life to protect that precious kidney. But his life has changed for the better. We see his satisfaction through his bravery and hard work during his rehabilitation. I wish Josue a long and happy life. I pray for it.

Yours faithfully,


(Dr. Francisco Castro-Barillas)

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