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Dr. Francisco Castro

(1)   “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing. Hope is renewed each time that you see a person you know, who is deeply involved in the struggle of life, helping another person. You are the unaffected witness and must agree that there is hope for mankind.”

(2) “…But you can have a still more wonderful life by staying where you happen to be and putting your soul to the test in a thousand little trials, and winning triumphs of love.  Such a career of the spirit demands patience, devotion, daring.   It calls for strength of will and determination to love: the greatest test of a man.  But in this hard ‘second job’ is to be found the only true happiness.”

Dr. Albert Schweitzer – (1875-1965)

The quotations listed above are particularly meaningful to me and the call God has put on my life to serve—and to learn.  Dr. Schweitzer’s words continue to ring as true today as they did when he wrote them many years ago.

My name is Dr. Francisco Castro, a pediatrician at Dorie’s Promise.  While preparing to write this essay, I went to a pirate chest that I made when I was very young. I knew that among the many treasures hidden there would be of my favorite books—a 1962 edition of Dr. Schweitzer of Lambaréné’s. Once I found it, I was reminded of Dr. Schweitzer’s amazing work.  His writings and experience continue to inspire and impress me—long after my first reading, some 40 years ago.

This brings me to my work at Dorie’s Promise.

I believe in God’s call on the lives of his children and specifically, on my life and my desire to serve Him.   It’s how I began working as a pediatrician at Dorie’s Promise four years ago. I am filled with so much gratefulness, joy and hope.  The opportunity to use my giftings and talents to serve Dorie’s Promise is a blessing beyond measure.

Over the years, I have grown more and more certain that there is hope for human suffering. There are so many people, most of them Christians, who are willing to visit and serve Dorie’s Promise for God’s littlest ones and their surrounding communities. This kind of service makes it possible to fulfill the forgotten child’s needs and eliminate suffering.  It also makes vital steps toward transforming society while doing God’s kingdom-building work. It’s a gift that I am honored to witness every day.

If you’ve ever wondered about the work at Dorie’s Promise, I can give you a small glimpse of what I see every day. We tend to the neglected, abandoned and often unadoptable children. These little ones have often times seen the worst of the worst. It’s heartbreaking.  This is where the team at Dorie’s Promise is called to help.  While we provide the basics, we are also eager to contribute to the child’s welfare and happiness.  How? We begin by providing food, water, shelter and medical help.  We simultaneously seek to provide affection, security, safety, self-esteem and a safe place to learn.  Beauty and harmony are two important factors in making this kind of work possible.  I am proud to announce that the outcome for these children is, in most cases, a high level of emotional health regardless of the age they joined us.

As you might imagine, the challenges of performing this kind of work are great.  One of the greatest is to intervene after any infectious disease outbreak. Fortunately, God has allowed us to meet this challenge—we have not experienced any deaths from these outbreaks.  We have designed our own health care system and day-to-day measures that are improving all the time.  This can be credited to educational interventions with the personnel at all levels, along with many preventive measures.

I am honored to answer God’s call and bring my medical training to this amazing organization.  Please don’t think of me as someone who has sacrificed himself.  Instead, think of me as someone who is happy, living out his destiny, always alert, interested, and open to learning from others.  I have faith in the power of love and forgiveness as a force that goes beyond the limits of our understanding. I am thankful to know this force personally.  I call him by the name of “God.”

Thank you very much and blessings,


(Dr. Francisco Castro)

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  1. Peggy Warner

    Dear Dr. Castro,

    I visited Dories Promise in July , with a group from St. Joseph Catholic Church, Minnesota. Just a little reminder, the group that tended to the flood, when the water main broke. I just wanted to say Thank you for sharing your story, but most of all for answering Gods call for the good of others, for the children. You have been chosen and blessed to use your talents in caring for these special ones of God.
    My experience at Dories Promise was a life changing one. I think of all of you often and pray for the continued work you all do to make a difference in these children s lives.
    I teach 9th grade conformation at church. Last night at class , a few of us showed our photo’s and shared the many stories form our travels to Guatemala. They were in awe by the end of the presentation. We talked about you and your work at Dories Promise and the Special mom’s that care for the children there. We are looking to return in 2012. Wish it was sooner, we must fund raise to make it possible again.

    Just wanted you to know that you all are in my prayers and I think of you often.
    You are not forgotten………………..

    May the season of Christmas, bring Joy, Hope and Love to you all,

    Merry Christmas and all the best for a prosperous New Year,

    Peg Warner

    P.S. wish I could send photo’s, would love to share with you the amount of snow we have here……….PILES

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