Meet Dolce Maria

Dulce is a very special child to us — she was born premature, so we have been closely watching her growth. There has been an incredible progress in Dulce’s health, thanks to the care of the special mothers and special attention from our doctor. She is a fighter — she has been fighting to survive ever since she was born. Her special mother Myriam prays every day for Dulce’s life. Since coming to Dorie’s Promise she has gained a few pounds and has better movement of her arms and legs.

She is starting to babble; whenever we put her on a bed she loves to turn around. Even thought she is very small the staff love picking her up and playing with her. Although she smiles less than the other babies, she is an observer, always watching whats happening around her. She loves her bath time and is more and more accepting of affection. We often talk to her and ask her questions; she responds by smiling or cooing. Her favorite drink is soy milk. She loves playing in her crib or just being held by her special mothers Janeth and Myriam. We think she is such a cute baby.

Pray with us for her continued development, and that she would not have developmental delays due to her premature birth. Please take some time to get to know Dulce on our site. She is currently only 40 percent sponsored. Over the next few months, we would love to see that reach 100 percent. We also would love to have you come to Guatemala City to see Dulce for yourself.


Source:Alejandra Díaz.

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