Meet Alberto and Maykel

Meet Alberto and Maykel

Within the last year, we’ve watched several children reunite with biological families. A few others found forever homes with Guatemalan adoptive families. And yet another made the leap to living independently. While these wonderful milestones are being reached, many children in Guatemala remain in need of urgent care. Last month, Alberto and Maykel arrived at Dorie’s Promise.

Both boys need urgent care and their stories are heartbreaking in very different ways.


Last week, Alberto celebrated his first birthday at Dories’ Promise. Separated from her baby, we doubt this is the way his mother planned to commemorate her son’s special day. Unfortunately, she lacks the resources and support needed to care for them.

Alberto was understandably shy for the first few days with us. Now, he seems to enjoy the antics and attention of our other boys. He watches the preschoolers intently and we know it’s only a matter of time before he is toddling after them.

Given his early struggles, we are carefully monitoring his health and development. He’s smaller than normal and slightly delayed reaching a few milestones. Between Doctor Castro’s watchful eye, our Special Mothers’ doting ways, and the encouragement he receives from the other boys, we expect him to be progress and grow steadily.

We are excited to have a baby again at Dorie’s Promise. He brings joy into our home and we marvel at watching the older boys help with his care.


Maykel’s case is especially complicated. Before coming to Dorie’s Promise, he was living with his older siblings who unfortunately could not continue to care for him.

Much of his story remains unknown at this time. Without a birth certificate or someone who can definitively verify his identity, much of our information is a guess. Even his name, and at minimum it’s spelling, may be inaccurate. Our best guess is that he is approximately two years old.

We’re hopeful future court proceedings will produce sound information about Maykel.

Most important to us is Maykel’s well-being in our care. He’s a very outgoing little boy who quickly latched on to Santiago and Sebastian. (Maykel and Alberto’s recent arrival, coupled with that of Edgar previously, brings the little boy club to 5 members.) Having their companionship makes the transition easier. Although he still cries each night, his days are spent having fun and being loved. Each day, and night, seems to be slightly better than the previous.

While so much of his legal situation is unclear, the ways we can care for him and provide a home during this time is abundantly clear.

We’ll continue to share more updates about the boys and their antics on social media. When you sponsor Dorie’s Promise, your monthly gift allows us to immediately meet the needs of children like Alberto and Maykel. Will you consider becoming a Home Sponsor today?

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