More Than Just A Driver – Meet Abel

Abel Garcia (right) - Dorie's Promise Guatemala Driver

By Arwen McGilvra –

Abel Garcia - Dorie's Promise Guatemala DriverAbel Garcia is more than just the driver for Forever Changed International — he been a great blessing to our ministry, the community, and everyone who meets him.

Abel started with us in 2006 as a driver. His responsibilities have grown to include assisting Pablo with the mission program. If you come to visit Dorie’s Promise, Abel is most likely the first face you’ll have waiting for you. He also helps get the home ready to receive the mission-trippers and goes to the supermarket to get the food for them too. He is also the contact in the communities where we do projects.

He is married and has two children, one of whom is in college. Abel is the type of guy everyone likes to be around — authentically charismatic. He is also a man of moral character and who greatly appreciates his family.

“I have been very happy working with the missions program through Forever Changed International,” Abel says. “My experience has been wonderful! I have met new people and made more friends.”

“I am shocked to see how most people live in the poor communities we help. I love that the help we provide them also will help my country get out of poverty.”

Abel and PabloWe are always hearing good things about Abel from our mission-trippers. They love the way he loves and protects our children.

“Abel! What can I say about this man who works extremely hard in ALL he does? I was amazed by his work ethic, his love for Pablo and for Jess, and how he served and loved us, too. This is definitely his God-given gift as well,” said Debbie after her trip.

Another mission team told us, “The relationships he has developed in these new communities was a beautiful thing … he shares God’s love with the Guatemalan people so clearly which, in turn, helps us as a team to follow!”

Pablo reports, “Abel’s role has been very important, and he is a great blessing for many people. He is part of the foundation of the mission program. In charge of a big part of the logistics and community projects, he does his work with a lot of passion and love. I am very happy with the work he is doing in the mission department. Besides working together, Abel is also a great friend of mine!

Abel has also been a father-like figure for the children, and they look at Papa Abel as someone they can trust. And … they love to play with him!

Abel in a soccer game with mission trippers and kids.His joy has inspired many people, and if you haven’t met him we invite you to come on a trip to Guatemala and serve with us so that you can.

“I believe everyone who has ever been around Abel will never forget the kind of man of God he is,” says Pablo. We agree, and if you do too, please take a moment to stop and pray for Abel and our staff. Pray for God’s grace and favor in their lives, and for a special blessing of protection on their health and well-being as they serve with us.

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