Mario’s New School for the New Year

Mario’s New School for the New Year

Finding the best schools for our children is always a priority because we know education provides opportunities. As our children’s needs change though, we also must change schools. We’re excited to share about Mario’s new school for the new year.

Not Everyone Learns the Same Way

Mario doing distance learning at Dorie's Promise.We’ve always known that Mario’s developmental challenges could affect the way he learns. He has a hard time focusing in class and being in larger groups. When we chose a school for him, we concentrated on finding a place that would be more attentive to his needs.

After working with his teacher the first year, Mario was doing well.

Last year, the closure of schools created a situation that was tremendously difficult for him. Adapting to classes online was a struggle and exacerbated his difficulties. Not only was he forced to sit in front of a computer for class, but the other students online were distracting and he couldn’t connect directly with his teacher.

Mario needs individualized attention.

Seeing how frustrated Mario felt in class, Miss Jenny looked for ways to help. To start, she made sure to always be available when Mario was online to help him understand his class activities and act as an assistant to his teacher. Outside of Zoom classes, she also altered where he worked to ensure he had a calm environment with fewer distractions.

Miss Jenny created the best environment she could for Mario to succeed at distance learning.

The Surprising Benefits of Distance Learning

MarioEven with the added difficulties of distance learning, Mario made huge improvements last year.

Before the pandemic, one of our greatest struggles was convincing Mario to do his homework after school. He fought us almost every day, never wanting to finish his assignments. Since being home, we’ve recognized that a normal day at school was exhausting and completing homework in another school-like setting was unbearable for him.

Because we’re at home, our morning routine is more flexible and less hectic. Mario became the first child in Miss Jenny’s classroom each day. He had time by himself to work without the distractions of others and with Miss Jenny’s full attention. Working together in the morning wasn’t a possibility before because of our school commute.

At home, he was undistracted and unrushed. Aside from his Zoom classes, he was able to avoid the distraction of other kids. He also had unlimited time to complete his assignments each day.

Mario finished first grade with significantly improved grades. He even learned how to handle the noise of his Zoom class better as the year progressed. Now, he’s more confident than ever about school.

Mario’s New School for the New Year

After experiencing such dramatic improvements last year, we decided to homeschool Mario this year. He is a very intelligent child but needs a quieter space to learn with more personalized teaching. With schools starting online again this year, homeschooling is the best choice for Mario.

He is very excited to spend the year in Miss Jenny’s class!

Mario’s experience reminds us that no matter what challenges you face, with love and patience, you can be successful.

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