Mario Making Improvements with Special Care


Please consider sponsoring Mario today — let’s continue to see his life forever changed!

Mario has been making great improvement.

By MJ Zelya –

Mario came to Dorie’s Promise in 2012. He was at a low weight after being born prematurely and had physical and neurological issues.

Once he turned 1, Dr. Castro found some abnormal arm movements and diagnosed Mario with a tic after seizures were ruled out.

Dr. Castro told us, “After observing and following up Mario’s behavior, I concluded that he was presenting a neurological syndrome called Gilles de la Tourette. As he has difficulty tolerating the noises of the children in the home, his eye contact was almost nonexistent, and he showed a repetitive obsessive behavior pattern, I suspected Mario was suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder and Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome, a common associated sign. Then with a neurologist and some psychological assistance, we confirmed the diagnosis.”

Mario started special psychological therapy that emphasized developmental stimulation and socialization behavior. He also receives personalized attention from our Special Mothers and staff — they follow specific instructions to help him cope socially at Dorie’s Promise and to help stimulate his speech and his fine and gross motor and social-personal development.

Mario has improved while he’s been with us.

He now likes to jump and can balance on one leg, catch the ball, and even imitate animal movements. He enjoys finger-painting, playing musical instruments — especially the piano — and likes to drawing large lines. He is friendly, shows affection, and smiles more often!

Among other things Mario's language has taken a huge turn for the better.Mario’s language has taken a huge turn for the better: he imitates animal noises — cows, dogs, pigs. He communicates what he wants or dislikes with phrases like “I am hungry,” “I am tired.” And he can tell when someone is being funny, or if someone is angry.

Special Mother Marleni Marroquin says, “He is such a cute boy. He likes to play with puzzles; he loves to go out and walk with the kids around the neighborhood. When we see other people out and about he tells them Good morning or Good-bye. He can count from 1 to 10 and also knows colors and shapes. He is not a picky eater — his favorite foods are meat with veggies and fruits. He is even potty-trained — no more diaper! He is a loving boy who smiles all the time and shares with our kids, staff, and visitors.”

The improvement in Mario’s development is thanks to people who support Dorie’s Promise — friends like you make it possible for Mario to receive such special care. As he gets older, he will of course continue receiving all the training and therapy he needs, as well as medical follow-ups. Please consider sponsoring Mario today — let’s continue to see his life forever changed!

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