Let’s Brag about Our Kids

Let’s Brag about Our Kids

Every once in a while it’s fun to share quick stories about our kids to remind us all how amazing they are. Today, we’re bragging about our kids and the fantastic things they’re doing.

School is going well

Brayan continuing cooking classes at Dorie's Promise

Brayan is back in cooking classes again. If you remember, his culinary classes shut down last year. A few months ago, he enrolled in online classes with hopes of finishing later this year. Once finished, he will begin the search for a full-time job.

Myra and Aracely are in their final year of high school. When they started their practical classes in January 2020, they didn’t expect to complete their studies online. Despite the difficulties of virtual classes, the girls are on track to graduate at the end of the year. Their university placement exams have been scheduled and we’re exploring options for what comes next in their studies.

Thanks to Isabel, our crazy school schedules have also been tamed.

We’re Having Lots of Fun

The little girls have mastered the jump rope during quarantine. Elizabeth (5) can easily jump in and out of the rope, even turning. When our U.S.-based staff visited in April, they were amazed by her skills. It’s surprising to see someone so little be so good.

Toddler boys at Dorie's PromiseThe baby boys aren’t babies anymore. Sebastian and Santiago are toddlers now. They are fiercely independent, playing on their own and starting to boss others around. They’re big fans of silly faces in selfies, making messes, and climbing on the playset in our backyard.

Meanwhile, the other boys have taken their dance skills to a whole new level. With the help of dance videos online, they’ve mastered new moves and are ready to show them off to visitors.

Plus, we got new foosball tables for Christmas. All of this, with the fun activities our staff regularly plans keeps our home fun. (Check out last week’s photos from Splash day.)

We hope you enjoyed these fun stories about our kids. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for even more updates.

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