Learning and Growing Together in 2023

Learning and Growing Together in 2023

In 2023, our year was packed with surprises and enriching experiences, especially in the realm of education. We’ve seen remarkable changes in our children’s motivation to learn, and that brings us immense satisfaction. Our biggest takeaway? Understanding our children’s needs and tailoring education to their learning styles brings about profound changes compared to sticking solely to textbooks. This year has been filled with memorable moments, from start to finish.

Exciting Educational Adventures

One of the highlights that brought immense joy to the kids was our Friday excursions. These outings weren’t just a break from routine—they were eagerly anticipated learning experiences. Through stories and information shared during the week, the children geared up for visits to diverse places. From exploring history at museums to discovering archaeological sites like Kaminal Juyú and even enjoying various parks, these adventures opened up the world beyond our home.

Diverse Activities Sparking Creativity

As the year progressed, Fridays evolved into different activities. Whether it was welcoming missionaries or engaging in fun, creativity-focused projects, the children were always at the center. They painted caps, crafted aprons, and even had a hands-on sandwich-making session, encouraging autonomy and independence.

The latter part of the year delved deeper into innovation. We organized a scientific week where the kids applied their year-long knowledge to exciting projects, fostering peer learning and discovering the fun side of science. Additionally, our “Little Market” activity in August taught them about typical Guatemalan foods and basic financial concepts like budgeting and profit.

As October approached, we dedicated time to each learning area with themed days like “Math Day,” “Science and Social Studies Day,” “Language Day,” and “Art Day.” These moments honed their skills in alignment with their individual learning styles.

Recognizing the artistic flair within our children, we began offering art classes, aiming to nurture their talent in both drawing and music. This culminated in our year-end theater production, a celebration of their diverse abilities.

Milestones and Achievements

Among the highlights was Ana’s graduation, a significant milestone as she prepares to embark on her university journey. Meanwhile, Yiré and Abraham are stepping into secondary education, and Alejandra is gearing up for a computing degree—a first for ISEA!

A Holistic Approach to Growth

Beyond academics, the focus on emotional and mental growth has been pivotal. Understanding and addressing their needs has helped alleviate frustration and demotivation, fostering a positive learning environment.

As we reflect on this year’s successes, we eagerly look forward to more moments of growth and discovery. A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated educational staff, whose commitment ensures our children flourish and reach their fullest potential!

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