Jimena and Elizabeth Join Our Sponsorship Program

Jimena and Elizabeth Join Our Sponsorship Program

Great news for everyone who has fallen in love with this dynamic duo—Jimena and Elizabeth are now part of our sponsorship program.

If you’ve been to Dorie’s Promise in the last 4 years, you know Jimena and Elizabeth. Even if you don’t remember their names, we’ve positive these two spunky sisters left an impression on you during your trip. They are a huge part of the fun in our home.


JimenaIn May, Jimena celebrated her 9th birthday. In the funniest ways, Jimena is a handful—sly, silly, unabashedly carefree, and always ready to play. From the moment she can into our home, our fun factor has been high. When we’re trying to be serious, she’s finding a way to make us laugh.

This year, she’s studying her third-grade curriculum as part of our homeschool class. Working with our teachers in a small group helps her make huge advancements. Plus, she enjoys the creative ways Miss Jenny teaches—especially activities like baking. Having fresh cookies in class is an awesome bonus you don’t often get in other schools.


Elizabeth at Dorie's PromiseElizabeth wins the award for Child Most Likely to Wrinkle Her Nose in a Picture. She’s the silly, sweet complement to older sister’s sassy confidence. Next month, we’ll celebrate her 6th birthday. Elizabeth fits in perfectly with our little girls. They are always laughing and being silly. If she spots a camera—she’s making silly faces, dancing, or posing. Making other people happy is one of her greatest gifts.

In January, she joined Ailyn, Sofia, Estela, and Isaias at Kindergarten. Although they aren’t at school yet, they are enjoying their classes. Having each other and our teachers at home makes learning fun, even if most of their classes are online.

Over the last 4 years, Jimena and Elizabeth brought a new level of fun and laughter to our home. Today, we invite you to become an even bigger part of their story by becoming a monthly sponsor. 

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