Jennifer’s Graduation and Future Plans

Jennifer’s Graduation and Future Plans

Jennifer’s graduation is an achievement we are more than happy to celebrate! She has worked hard for many years and is now enjoying the fruit of many late afternoons doing homework. Jennifer is now ready to attend university and begin a new season in her life.

A Celebration is in Order!

Jennifer’s graduation ceremony was a beautiful event. In many ways, the ceremony was traditional with students wearing caps and gowns and tossing their caps into the air at the end, but the special guests truly impacted us. We especially enjoyed the pastor’s message and his special prayer for each student, Jennifer included. Jennifer’s school has been a special place for her to learn, grow, and deepen her faith.

These accomplishments are celebrated and enjoyed by everyone in our home and are especially momentous for Jennifer who has been with us since she was a toddler with short hair and a wide smile.

For a proper celebration, there must be a party. A few days before graduation, Jennifer went shopping for a dress with our director Alejandra. By the time they got back, all the girls were hanging outside, anxiously waiting to see what she chose and bombarding her with questions. The other children share excitement about special occasions and shower each other with attention and love.

Jennifer’s party was everything she wanted: all the girls got to dress up in beautiful dresses and fancy shoes, they enjoyed creating special hairdos, the food was delicious, and the company was fantastic. As an extra special gift, Flor and Mateo were there!

By the end of the celebrations, the girls converged in the living room to open presents and talk about the party. They enjoyed their meal (everyone loved the tortilla soup!) and every small detail. Jennifer opened her presents one at a time, reading the cards, and smiling big and wide. The smart, thoughtful young woman we know took us back to her toddler days and reminded us to be grateful for her journey.

Future Plans

As you can imagine, choosing between multiple college majors can be difficult.

At first, Jennifer was leaning toward an Architecture degree. She likes creating -constructing- things. Although she liked the idea of architecture, she was a bit unsure and wanted to keep her options open. Recently, she decided to pursue a Communications and Design major. She will be able to use her creativity in a variety of ways and she’s more comfortable with the curriculum.

Even more exciting, she has already taken the admissions exams and passed!

Because she’s so humble, Jennifer thought it wasn’t a big deal and that anyone would be able to pass the exams. We used this as an opportunity to remind her how far she’s come, how much she’s grown, and the many things she has learned.

We are also excited to share that Jennifer will be doing a jewelry design internship along with her university studies.

We’re thankful for the sponsors and donors who have supported Jennifer throughout her childhood. Your special gift to our Education + Career Fund gives Jennifer the ability to pursue a design degree.

Please consider a special gift today in honor of Jennifer’s graduation.

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